Comcast takes on Netflix with Xfinity Streampix, a TV and movie streaming service

Comcast takes on Netflix with Xfinity Streampix, a TV and movie streaming service

Summary: Comcast is attempting to slow the cable cutting tide with its own video streaming service. But does it stand a chance?

TOPICS: iOS, Android, Mobile OS

Cable provider Comcast is trying to stem the cable cutter exodus to Netflix in the only way it can -- by creating a competitor to the video streaming service.

Comcast's service, dubbed Streampix, will feature TV and movie content from companies like Disney-ABC Television, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros. Comcast plans to bring the service to iOS, Android, and devices like the XBox 360 -- much like Netflix, which is nearly everywhere nowadays.

But Netflix Streampix is most certainly not. For one, the service is only available to subscribers of Comcast's double-play or triple-play plans. Subscribers of less sophisticated plans will have to shell out an extra five dollars a month, which may sound like a deal but most certainly isn't.

All of that certainly cuts out a lot of potential customers, which makes Streampix's chances of success that much lower. If the point of Streampix is to prevent cable cutters from defecting to Netflix, Hulu Plus et al., a bundled service like Streampix almost certainly isn't going to do it.

Comcast Blog via VentureBeat

Topics: iOS, Android, Mobile OS

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  • RE: Comcast takes on Netflix with Xfinity Streampix, a TV and movie streaming service

    So, I can save a couple of bucks and get less choices, as long as I shell out $50/month minimum for Comcast? No thanks.
    terry flores
  • It won't increase Comcast's bottom line

    But it might decrease Netflix's bottom line. Which may be all Comcast is after.
    Michael Kelly
  • RE: Comcast takes on Netflix with Xfinity Streampix, a TV and movie streaming service

    Trying to compare this to Netflix is an exercise in stupidity on the part of Comcasty/Xfinity/Streampix. They only have 23 more letters of the alphabet and they'll have 26 product names to confuse people with.<br>For the letter "D" they can come up with "DUMB"
    • Can't Say I Disagree

      I have been awaiting Comcast???s attempt at streaming video and I was really hoping they would give the competition more to work with. The ability to live stream all my programming and DVR content wherever I???m going is where the action is at in the industry today. Why there is not more of that for business travelers like myself is puzzling. My frequent Dish business trips keep me away from my beautiful HDTV so having an iPad with the free Dish Remote Access app downloaded is wonderful. It gives me access to my Dish sling adapter hooked to my DVR and internet with On Demand and dishonline access. Dish???s TV Everywhere??? is leading the industry and the population that needs services outside the house like me can???t use a limited service. Then I read that Comcast is only extending their service to Comcast customer???s so Netflix it???s certainly not.
  • streampix videos

    Loved them at first as there were no commercials. Then they switched over to hulu for many of their choices and commercials galore. I had had hulu plus and quit due to all the commercials. Once I stopped them and went back to hulu, which in fact had fewer commercials in the beginning but now as oooooodles. I guess hulu reverted to my x-hulu plus watching. There are 2 commercials before the program, then the program intro and then 2 more commercials and then every 5 min another commercial, same as hulu plus. When Comcast does not stream thru hulu there are now fewer commercials where once there were NONE. So, I went back to Netflix.
  • catwoman5299@yahoo

    Right on