Free 3D videos now available on the Nintendo 3DS

Free 3D videos now available on the Nintendo 3DS

Summary: From the Captain America 3D movie trailer to OK Go debuting its 3D music video on the 3DS on July 27, free and exclusive 3D content is turning the portable gamer into a 3D entertainment center.

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Netflix on the Nintendo 3DS is nice, but what people really want to do with the 3DS is to watch 3D movies and videos wherever they go. With the release of the Nintendo Video player today, 3DS users can access exclusive movie trailers, animation shorts and even extreme sports videos for free from Nintendo. (Note: The latest content will overwrite previously downloaded material so 3DS owners need to check their devices regularly.)

The starter pack of videos include Captain America 3D movie trailer, CollegeHumor's Dinosaur Office, Sunday Jog and an intro to Nintendo Video player. On July 27, OK Go will be debuting its 3D music video exclusively on the 3DS; other videos coming down the pipe will feature Jason DeRulo, Foster the People, and the world-renowned Blue Man Group.

Follow these steps to access the 3D goodness on your 3DS:

  1. Assuming you've already completed the June 6 update, you should have access to the "eShop" on your home screen. Tap on the "eShop" when you are within range of a Wi-Fi signal.
  2. Tap on the "Nintendo Video" icon (it has a red "New" banner on top).
  3. Select the icon with the "play" symbol -- that's the Nintendo Video. You should see a "Download" button so tap on it.
  4. Once the Nintendo Video player is on your 3DS, "Open" the player to set up your connection so you can download the available content.
  5. When prompted to allow your 3DS's SpotPass to also download videos, select "Yes." If you select "No," no content will be downloaded to your device. Alternatively, you can tap on the "Settings" button to turn your SpotPass to "On."
  6. You will also be asked if you want to receive notification on new videos on your home screen to alert you to open your Nintendo Video player. You can select either options, depending on your preference.
  7. At this point, you will be prompted to read through some legalese on how Nintendo makes this content available for free (through ads and links to content providers).
  8. The "Connections" button should be active, so tap on it to connect your 3DS to the server to download videos. Downloads will start as soon as the device can connect to the Internet.
  9. Tap on any of the four thumbnail images to start watching the videos. That's it!

Initially, I did not want to allow the 3DS to download videos in SpotPass mode when my device is asleep because my battery life is already surprisingly short, but Nintendo Video wouldn't download the videos so I had to turn SpotPass on. I would suggest changing this setting if you will be traveling and don't want to run out of power, or you have already downloaded what you like and need time to enjoy it. On one hand, I appreciate that my 3DS won't be bogged down with too many downloaded clips by overwriting files, but find it silly that I can't keep what I've already downloaded, like gamer trailers.

With the ability to watch 3D videos and movies via Netflix, as well as play 3D games, the 3DS is becoming quite the little entertainment machine. What else will it be able to do next?

[Source: BusinessWire]


Topic: Mobility

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  • RE: Free 3D videos now available on the Nintendo 3DS

    How do they get to market these as 3d when they are not even close? i have played with th ds 3d and have yet to see any 3d qualities in them? the images seem more pronounced but do not leap from the screen in 3d as 3d is to do. It looks more cgi animated but far from 3d so can they sell a non 3d device as 3d??
  • RE: Free 3D videos now available on the Nintendo 3DS

    I still think I will still wait for the 3DS-XL

    Having got the DSI less than a week before the XL came out left a bit of a bitter taste, for me. Seeing how much smaller the 3DS is than the XL was a bit of a disappointment.

    I would expect an XL version to have much better battery life, since there's more room for larger batteries, or more of them. A little more room between the buttons wouldn't be a bad thing, either, and the lower half of the 3DS looks too crowded anyway.
    Colin Pye