Free "Plants vs. Zombies" download from Amazon's AppStore for Android till midnight May 31

Free "Plants vs. Zombies" download from Amazon's AppStore for Android till midnight May 31

Summary: Download Plants vs. Zombies from Amazon's AppStore for Android via Wi-Fi -- for free. Offer expires tonight by midnight, Pacific Time!

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Want to try Plants vs Zombies on your Android device for free? Visit Amazon's AppStore for Android with your mobile Web browser within the next hour (before midnight strikes, Pacific Time) and download the game via Wi-Fi. According to TechCrunch, you will need to follow these instructions to enable this game correctly on your Android phone or tablet:

Unfortunately the process is a bit cumbersome — you have to dig through your Android settings and tap a checkbox that allows for installation from “Unknown sources”, complete with a warning that you are potentially exposing your phone to more malicious applications. Most users aren’t going to bother with this unless they have an incentive to.

Well, the incentive to download this game right now is pretty clear as the free offer is set to expire in less than an hour. This popular title will revert to its regular price of $2.99 on June 1.

I was able to download this game from Amazon to my Android phone tonight without any hiccups.

Have fun shooting peas and other plant-based weapons at zombies!

[Source: TechCrunch]

Topics: Android, Amazon, Google

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  • RE: Free

    I love this game.
    I hate AT&T for not allowing my new Inspire 4G to install the Amazon App Store so I can download it or any of the other past deals.