Free Wi-Fi hotspots for the Nintendo 3DS starting June 7

Free Wi-Fi hotspots for the Nintendo 3DS starting June 7

Summary: Over 25,000 Wi-Fi hotspots will be accessible via the Nintendo 3DS at Simon-owned malls, Best Buy stores and AT&T public Wi-Fi zones.


As if you (or your easily bored kid) need more reasons to bring the Nintendo 3DS to shopping malls, Best Buys and AT&T Wi-Fi hopspots like airports: starting June 7, you will also get free access to over 25,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country via the 3DS.

Nintendo is partnering with Simon Property Group, Best Buy and AT&T to make this possible. Though no specific locations have been announced, here is a breakdown of the 25,000+ hotspots you can look forward to:

  • 200 Simon-owned malls (like Newport Center in NJ)
  • 1,000 Best Buy stores
  • 24,000 of AT&T’s Wi-Fi hotspots (Starbucks, McDonald's, airports etc.)

The handheld gamer is already a popular mobile babysitter in these locations, so you should expect a sluggish connection that is congested with other kids all downloading the latest Pokemon character onto their 3DSes. Hey, at least it's free!
Let us know which locations work or don't work for you in the comments.

[Reminder: In order to access these Wi-Fi hotspots on your 3DS, you will need to install the June 6 update, which should be available for download that evening (Pacific Time). This major update will give 3DS users access to a Web browser and the eShop where you can download a free game and some sweet exclusive content (i.e. Pokédex 3D, the app that shows Pokémon characters in all their 3D glory). Our colleagues at the Gamification blog have way more details on this new update so be sure to read up. Thanks @SpiderTech!]

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  • RE: Free Wi-Fi hotspots for the Nintendo 3DS starting June 7

    Those AT&T hotspots are slow enough as it is. I was at a McDonald?s the other day and connected to it with my Xoom, and I gotta say I would be better just tethering it to my phone. I tried watching a 10 minute youtube video and it took about 10 minutes alone to buffer it. I got tired of it playing for 15-20 seconds and then having to load and ended up just saying forget it.

    The hotspots are a nice idea, but I like the fact that you'll finally be able to use the internet browser. It would have been better to mention in your article that there is a system update rolling out on the 6th to enable to browser. Those wifi hotspots won't be of much use to someone who hasn't updated their system.
    • RE: Free Wi-Fi hotspots for the Nintendo 3DS starting June 7

      @SpiderTech Good point. I just added some info on the June update and link to a post with more details on the update.

      I too have had a hard time actually using the open Wi-Fi spots my phone detects when I'm out and about. I sometimes wonder if they are phantom signals that I imagined!
      Gloria Sin
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