Gadget rental service ybuy to let users test drive the new iPad starting April 1st

Gadget rental service ybuy to let users test drive the new iPad starting April 1st

Summary: Ybuy is opening up rentals for Apple's latest iPad starting April 1st.

TOPICS: Hardware, iPad, Mobility

Want to try out the new iPad without dishing out the cash to buy one? Gadget rental site ybuy may have your solution.

Via the site, users can borrow for up to a month, gadgets ranging from the FitBit Ultra to blenders. Subscriptions run for $24.95 a month, and ybuy is even nice enough to pay shipping. The latest iPad hits the site on April 1st, just over two weeks after the device hits stores.

It's a smart idea, but the site is going to be hard pressed to fulfill the demand for the latest iPad. Ybuy is already noting on its product page that supply for the 3rd generation iPad is going to be limited, which probably goes without saying. " There is a lot of demand for this product. We'll be ordering more supply as soon as it becomes available," the site says.

Notably, because ybuy also allows users the ability to buy the devices they try, renting an iPad does offer a possible backdoor to buying one directly from Apple. That, in the end, may lend an advantage in these supply-strapped times.

Topics: Hardware, iPad, Mobility

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  • This web page / source appears to be a scam ?

    Once you sign up, they want you to get your friends to sign up too, to get you to the head of the line? Really? there's 18,000 people ahead of me ... this is a very strange site.
    Tony T3
    • Another option

      Why dont you try