GameStop's Android gaming tablets hit stores

GameStop's Android gaming tablets hit stores

Summary: Will you be gaming on these GameStop-moded slates this holiday: the Viewsonic Vpad 7, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Acer Iconia Tab A500 and Motorola Xoom?


GameStop's Android gaming tablets. Image by Gloria Sin

GameStop's gaming tablets. Image by Gloria Sin

Amazon's Kindle Fire may corner the market for e-books and movies/television shows on a mobile device, but GameStop sees a future in mobile cloud gaming by rolling out its own "certified gaming tablet" to 200 select stores and on its website this weekend.

As Ricardo reported back in September, Android is the GameStop tablet's chosen platform and comes preloaded with seven games like Dead Space and Madden NFL, access to GameStop's own Kongregate Arcade app store, as well as Android Market for your Angry Bird fix. Most importantly, the device should make console quality gaming on a tablet possible, thanks to the retailer's acquisition of Spawn Labs back in April.

So far, is listing four different Android slates with various price points and configurations: the $300 7-incher Viewsonic VPad 7, $400 10.1-inch Asus Eee Pad Transformer, $400 Acer Iconia Tab A500, and $500 Motorola Xoom. Rather than sell you a watered down slate for a reduced price like the Amazon Kindle Fire (it doesn't have a camera, microphone, Bluetooth or SD Card slot), GameStop seems more willing to give you a full-powered tablet that serves up a wide variety of gaming content (from casual to AAA titles). With their native Bluetooth connectivity and the Acer A500's full-sized USB port, you will be able to plug in your USB controller and or pair your Wii-mote or DualShock 3 controller for console titles not geared for tablets. Ultimately, GameStop will be offering its own wireless controller to go with its line tablets like the OnLive system, but that's for the future as it is focused on building its user base and demand for cloud gaming first, as the retailer's President Tony Bartel told last month.

Judging from these tablet's specs alone, they don't seem very different from their Android cousins save for a few extra games and games. I hope GameStop will offer at least the app store and cloud gaming service to current Android tablet owners to expand its user base, without requiring that they purchase a slate from the retailer. I doubt serious gamers shopping for a tablet this holiday will opt for a GameStop one to replace their console/PC setup, but to enable them to play "real" games anywhere and anytime, though that means they would need to tote along their controller wherever they go. What do you think? Will a GameStop slate be on your wish list this year?

[Source:, Gamasutra via joystiq]


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  • RE: GameStop's Android gaming tablets hit stores

    Great. Add one more sales pitch to the repertoire the employees give me when I just want to buy my $10 used video game and GTFO.
    • RE: GameStop's Android gaming tablets hit stores

      @jmwells21 But you'll save 50 cents by signing up for their $20 card, and get a subscription to their magazine with month-old information in it too. (Had to edit "cents" in because the good old cents sign apparently doesn't work.)
  • RE: GameStop's Android gaming tablets hit stores

    I don't remember the Tegra 2 looking particularly good when running games, reminding me why I chose a Radeon 9700 instead of a GeForce 5500 back in the day.
  • RE: GameStop's Android gaming tablets hit stores

    It sounds like a good idea. You'd pay the same price as going to best buy, but you get a few games to boot. But then you'd be going to gamestop.
    awkward hug
  • RE: GameStop's Android gaming tablets hit stores

    Sure, I imagine a lot of gamers giving up their dual 24" monitor set-up for a hand held 7" display to play PC games.

    When will these guys figure out that they need different games for tablets? Have they seen the maze game running on windows 8 that utilizes the gyro? Now that is a Tablet game.
    Mr Obvious
  • hixcvka 50 rgz

    drlseb,kjoykukh76, hobyn.