Google Music won't allow users to store illegal songs

Google Music won't allow users to store illegal songs

Summary: Music pirates looking for a new outlet in Google Music should look elsewhere: Google will remove illegal songs stored in its cloud.

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Music pirates eager to make Google's new music service the latest front in their ongoing attempts to destroy the music industry are officially on notice: Google will remove any and all illegal songs stored in its cloud.

The news comes from a Q&A session at Google's IO conference, during which a number of Google executives took the time to answer questions from the press.

Google has a variety of tools at its disposal to identify illegal files. Via a method known as digital music watermarking, record companies can encode files with a variety information, including when and where the song was purchased. If Google Music detects multiple copies of the same information, it can filter the files that contain it, preventing users from uploading the files. Conversely, Google could also be forced by record labels into only accepting music uploads that feature that sort of identifying information.

The news is a bit ironic considering the question of the legality of Google Music itself. Google, of course denies allegations that the service is an illegal one. "What we launched today is a completely legal service, and stores a user’s personal collection in the cloud," said Google's Jamie Rosenberg today. Let's hope the major record labels agree.

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  • So...

    So If I purchased a song in iTunes gave a copy to my wife, she uploads it, and I also upload it, will they know?? what about the 100's of CD's I've ripped from my personal collection..
    • RE: Google Music won't allow users to store illegal songs

      Yeah, they'll lift this restriction soon. Amazon has no such restriction.
      • RE: Google Music won't allow users to store illegal songs


        Maybe but there's a key difference here. Amazon's service is simply storage in the cloud that you happen to be able to play music through.

        Google's is strictly for storing and playing music only.

        I know it seems like a flimsy point but to the riaa and even the courts it would be a major difference.
  • I dont get it

    Why would I want to waste my bandwidth streaming music to myself that I already own and manage on my devices. Music in the cloud only makes sense for music you don't own like subscription and web radio...or file sharing. Bloody Google...always looking to make buckets of cash by exploiting others stuff.
    • Because it is in the CLOUD!!!!


      Don't you know that. Who cares that the battery usage will drain your poor little phone dry in no time. Who cares that when you go into a long tunnel, your music may stop. Who carea when you drive between towns in many parts of the US, your music will stop...

      IT IS IN THE CLOUD!!!!
  • This will just serve to reminds us ...

    Google's policy: we are watching you, always.
    terry flores
  • deleted

    terry flores
  • RE: Google Music won't allow users to store illegal songs

    I think I'll wait this one out a bit...Google Music or Amazon. I'm wondering how long it will be before the first lawsuit that the RIAA or one of the major labels hits these services with to gain access to data to try to detect illegal copies and go after users.

    Where there is a concentration of data, lawyers and corporations will want to mine it.
  • RE: Google Music won't allow users to store illegal songs

    And just HOW will they know what I own and what I don't own? And they better not try accusing people of having illegal content that they actually DO own... I smell a class action suit in Google's future, if the RIAA doesn't sue them first. This just seems to me like a mess in the making, all around.
    • RE: Google Music won't allow users to store illegal songs

      @thombone Oh and WHEN is everyone going to finally realize that DRM doesn't work? That treating your customers like criminals doesn't make them want to give you MORE money? To all in the content industry: if you actually sold value, people WILL pay for it. But you don't.