Google offers 20GB online storage for price of a latte

Google offers 20GB online storage for price of a latte

Summary: Google announced today that it is offering users 20 gigabytes of storage space online for $5 per year, or about the price of your favorite drink at Starbucks.

TOPICS: Google, Hardware, Storage

Oh, how the cloud grows.

Google announced today (techmeme) that it is offering users 20 gigabytes of storage space online for $5 per year, or about the price of your favorite drink at Starbucks.

For about two years, Google has offered extra storage space -- beyond the roughly 7GB provided through its Gmail e-mail service -- for a nominal fee. Since the space is shared with Google's Picasa Web Albums photo service, it's not hard to fill up if you're toting a 5 or 10 megapixel camera and shooting at the highest quality.

With 20GB, you can put many or all of your family photos in the cloud. (Have a ton of photos? You can purchase up to 16 terabytes, which would run you up to almost $5,000 per year.)

The reason for the change? Storage costs are dropping, and Google says it's been improving its own infrastructure to make the cost-per-gigabyte drop even further.

At the very least, it's a good way to have a secondary in-the-cloud backup solution. You can find more information on Google's storage site.

Topics: Google, Hardware, Storage

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  • Or get 25GB

    for free with SkyDrive from Microsoft.
    • Re: Or get 25GB

      Nice! I'll take the 25GB for free, with a latte.

      Perhaps an idea for Mr Andrew Nusca to also make a follow up article on alternatives to Google's offering. Or add to this article.

      Thanks for letting others know, mdemuth.
    • Ah, but...

      SkyDrive limits the files you can upload - it only allows documents and pictures as I recall. Is this offering from Google like that, or like Dropbox which lets you store anything (music, video, etc)?
      • SkyDrive limits

        The only limits I've found are no files above 50MB and no copyrighted material (duh!). I'm pretty sure Google would frown at you uploading music unless you wrote it.
        • That and uploads

          are a little goofy. Pictures are easy with Photo Gallery, but collections of files can be difficult with sub-directories.
          I want a way of mounting SkyDrive as a standard network drive. Or mapped drive letter.

          • Map SkyDrive

            The app you're looking for it's SkyDrive Explorer


            it's still a Beta but it works for most purposes
      • Sorry, but you're wrong

        Not even close actually...
  • RE: Google offers 20GB online storage for price of a latte

    Google expects people to pay them to get their data mined, sold to 3rd parties, and not see a dime of it? Does Google really think people are this stupid? They severely underestimate the public. With their employees playing with office toys all day its no wonder they are so out of touch with reality.
    Loverock Davidson
    • errm...

      The common denominator of users on the internet ranges in the "stupid" range...

      Oh and some people actually likes the fact that Google knows every thing about them... makes them feel... usefull or something.
      • Yes I'm sure...

        My emails are the subject of full board meetings at Google headquarters where they all get together, put my emails up on a 20 foot display, and plot how to sell me more stuff I don't need. Get over yourselves, if you were even remotely that important someone would have told you by now. LOL.
        • You miss the point

          LD is Rabidly Pro MS but he does have a point that your effectivly paying Google to sell your personal info to 3rd partys.

          Think about it for a second its not about the individuals as such, obviously I use gmail and dont realy care about that but it is a free service.
          • Well...

            You're actually paying them for expanded, long-term storage of your personal information which they already had and have already sold to third parties. MS isn't giving anything away for free, they are hoping you'll jump ship so so they can also sell your personal information. LOL.

            Of course considering big-brother is already filtering your email, credit card data, and phone calls for "suspicious" activity I am not sure why anyone has any excitement left for Google's activities. Hell, somebody might as well make an honest buck from all the mindless jabber out there.
  • Thanks

    I did not know about purchasing added space for Gmail and Picasa. Good to know and yes I do have a ton of photos :)
  • Another sucker deal

    Of course Google keeps the rights to use anything you do upload to them. And they filter it to drag out more information on you to add to their database on you. Yahoo is much less aggessive - probably why they don't make as much money.
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  • I prefer a paid service with technical support

    I run a small wholesale business and prefer a paid service that comes with 24/7 telephone support. I get 50Gb for £4.95 per month and that get to backup my two computers, sync files, store previous versions of my documents, access my data from my IPad. I use and it works for me!