Google Play carrier billing extends to movies, music, and books

Google Play carrier billing extends to movies, music, and books

Summary: With the expansion, Google eliminates the need for some users to give Google Play their credit card information.

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For Android users, one of the more convenient features that Google's app ecosystem offers has been the ability to pay for app purchases via their phone bills.

The problem, however, is that that functionalty has been limited to apps, even as Google expanded its other media offerings and rebranded the Android Market.

Fortunately, Google is finally making some changes. The company is extending its Google Play carrier billing system to purchases of movies, music, and books, allowing users to avoid charges to their credit cards for a much wider variety of content.

Google made the announcement on Google Play's Google+ profile, noting that T-Mobile and Japan's DoCoMo, KDI, and Softbank would all see the expanded support this week. Also announced was Sprint's inclusion, though Google said that that carrier's support wasn't available quite yet. AT&T, it appears, is sticking to just covering apps, and there was no mention of Verizon's plans.

The move does two things, expanding payment options while also reducing the number of entities with your credit card information from two to one.

Topic: Google

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  • The bigger question is...

    when will the Play store have music, books and films in it?

    Over here, I can only "play" utilities, productivity software and other apps...
  • Easy music means more music

    taking out those charge point barriers, no more fiddling with credit card details on an android keyboard. Yes we want to pay for legit music and reward artists and thank you for making it easy for us!