GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

Summary: This positively alien-looking, dual 17" HD LED screens in one, 10-pound gScreen SpaceBook laptop is no Photoshop joke, and is geared for the Photoshopping/video/spreadsheet editing-types.


I don't know about you but I increasingly use my smartphone and tablet to display my emails and other information so I can work more efficiently on my laptop without constantly switching between a million tabs and windows. This two-screened alien of a laptop, the gScreen SpaceBook, taps into the need for multiple screens especially when you're on-the-road.

The SpaceBook features two 17.3-inch HD LED-backlit screens (1920 x 1080) that slide out from the center and are available in matte or glossy finish, with a quad-core i7 740QM at 1.73GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M GPU, 500 GB hard drive (7200rpm), a 6-in-1 and an internal super multi-DVD drive. I'm surprised it doesn't offer a hybrid or dual solid state/traditional hard drive like some gaming machines, but the specs are in-line with high-end laptops. Weighing in at a beefy 10-pounds, with a magnesium alloy chassis, this is designed for processor-intensive work but can also play most modern games according to NotebookCheck (just don't tell the boss).

Other specs include:

  • Communication Intel pro / wireless (802. 11b / g / n) network connection. Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  • Speaker: Build-in speakers,1.5W. I/ O.
  • Connectors/Jacks: 1 x DC-in jack 1 x HeadPhone out (with S/PDIF) 1 x Mic-in 1 x RJ45 LAN (w/ metal shielding) 3 x USB 2.0 ports 1 x eSATA (+USB) 1 x IEEE Firewire 1 x HDMI 1 x MMC/SD/MS/MS Pro memory card slot
  • web cam
  • Dimensions: Width - 16 1/2 Depth - 12 5/8 Thick  - 1. 7/8
  • Battery: 6 Cell, li-ion
  • OS: Windows 7 Professional

This portable powerhouse is the brainchild of the Anchorage-based, gScreenCorp CEO Gordon Alan Stewart. He literally drafted this dual-screen design on the back of a McDonald's napkin when he had to work on a tourism video filming every single island in Hawaii for six months in 2003, but understandably did not want to haul his multiple monitors and desktop to every hotel to edit his footage.

Likewise, this 10-pounder is geared for other content creators like designers, programmers, film editors, architects, and even accountants who need to deal with large Excel files would appreciate the extra-wide or multiple displays this laptop allows. But the convenience doesn't come cheap: the variant with the i7 CPU costs $2099, while the i5-powered machine will set you back $1899. For now, the SpaceBook is only available in America and Canada via gScreenCorp's website and require a deposit to secure a laptop for a November delivery, which it is accepting starting today.

What would you do with your dual-screen laptop, if you had one?

[Source: Microsoft Experience Blog, gScreenCorp press release, gScreenCorp website]


Topics: Laptops, Hardware, Mobility

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  • RE: GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

    Looks horrific (where can I get one?)
    • RE: GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

      @Jeremy-UK You may be out of luck if you're based in the U.K., Jeremy. Only available in the U.S. and Canada for now.
      Gloria Sin
    • RE: GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

      @Jeremy-UK That's not all bad...
      Apparently we get all the good laptops first, you guys get all the good smartphones and superphones first.
  • RE: GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

    What is the battery life of this behemoth? IF it is like many of the typical notebooks (6 cell) it is probably less than an hour, and a half. Then again I doubt this thing is really designed to be a truly portable device. It is probably more of a portable almost workstation, how could anyone really cal it a workstation with a Core i5?
    • RE: GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

      @Rick_Kl I think you're right on. I doubt this thing is good for more than 2-3 hours on battery thanks to the dual screens, but can't say for certain since I haven't played it one yet.
      Gloria Sin
      • RE: GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

        @Gloria Sin It is listed as a 6 cell battery, what is not given it how many watt/hours the battery is rated for. Unless it is over 70 watt/hours I cannot see it making 3 hours.
    • RE: GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

      @Rick_Kl <br> It's battery life is 1 and half hours,nice video on CNet-<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>
  • RE: GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

    Perhaps if it can be run in single monitor mode, there is no reason it would not last 3 or more hours on a fresh battery. That would be a "mobile" mode and when you are working as a workstation you would most likely want it plugged in anyway. Sounds like a great machine for a power user. Not to sure about Windows for Graphics design or Video production but I guess whatever you are comfortable with.
    • hackintosh


      being that it is intel and nvidia based, it can likely be hackintoshed very easily for those that so desire.
    • On Windows - yes!

      @bassoa@... I don't know where you've been hiding, but I've been doing video editing on Windows based systems for nearly a decade and a half! Where do you think FCP eminated from? It was Apple's answer to Adobe Premiere, and even at that it took a few versions to finally come up to scratch.
  • What would I do if I had one?

    I would increase the frequency of my chiropractor visits.

    For people who could use dual screen capability, I would compare the need for site to site portability versus intra-office portability. I can see it now... Carrying two portables. Check your notebook for the flight to the client site and using your ultra-portable/netbook/tablet to get some work done on the plane.
  • RE: GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

    It would be handy for inner office use if you needed to move it often. I could not see lugging this around an airport.
  • Magically - you can cut your battery life in half!

    'nough said.
  • Inadequate screens - no WUXGA !

    Proper WUXGA [1920x1200] screens show HD, and have room for a few extra editing icons. Anyone editing with a 1080 screen is behind the 8-ball from the start.
    If you want to dream, dream about HUD spectacles with motion sensors. Pan between screens by moving your head. The attached laptop would have no screen at all... how light would it be?
  • RE: GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

    Well still cheaper then a mac with twice the capability lol..looks better then a mac too but thats not saying much
  • not quite right

    At this weight, why aren't there 2 or 3 drives available? USB 3? And why stop at 1080 pixels tall, instead of 1200. I have a 1080h IPS monitor and 1200h, and that little bit makes a difference, especially if you're doing remote admin or tech support work. With video editing, it lets me see a larger preview and longer object lists (Adobe Premier), less scrolling, and more legible sound histogram so I can sync sequences based on sound clues. Battery life is less of an issue. My last 9# laptop lasted 1.5-2 hrs...enough for a tech support session, but not video edits with external hard drives and rendering video.
  • RE: GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

    Ehh, this looks like a portable workstation. I edit video for my day job; I'd just have a regular laptop and a [much nicer] monitor sitting next to it for extended desktops. I love my 17" MacBook Pro. If I had to use windows (I love Sony Vegas!) I'd do something similar (heck, just run it on the MBP, great Win machine).
  • RE: GScreen's dual-screen SpaceBook laptop landing this November

    The deal killer for me would be the inadequate battery and the lack of an SSD/hybrid drive. If I am shelling out $2K, I want all my wishes granted.

    Perhaps the next iteration of this thing will use Intel's Ultrabook platform.
  • Is gScreen Spacebook a scam?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has been able to purchase a gScreen SpaceBook?

    I ordered one (paid extra for rush delivery) almost a year ago and never received the product. I did get several responses with excuses and the last one from the CEO (Gordon Stewart) stating it would be a "few more weeks" and I'd get a full refund. That was months ago and now he ignores my emails.

    I really was impressed with the idea about being able to work off of two screens on a laptop but now I'm thinking I've been scammed. Does anyone here know anything else or how I should procede in getting my money back or the actual product?

    If anyone bought and using this product, please let me know. I haven't been able to find any recent reviews about it and paid $3,000.