Hewlett-Packard launches $40 million ad campaign: 'Let's do amazing'

Hewlett-Packard launches $40 million ad campaign: 'Let's do amazing'

Summary: Beginning this weekend, computer maker Hewlett-Packard will begin a $40 million advertising assault with its first such campaign in some five years.


Does HP need a personality?

Beginning this weekend, computer maker Hewlett-Packard will begin a $40 million advertising assault with its first such campaign in some five years.

Billed as "Let's do amazing," the eight-week campaign features several celebrities, including rapper Dr. Dre, "Flight of the Conchords" comedian Rhys Darby and photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Here's the Wall Street Journal on the campaign:

Glenna Patton, H-P's vice president of brand strategy, who joined the company from Viacom's MTV, says studies show that H-P stands for "reliability" and "quality" in the minds of customers, but that the brand lacks "a real differentiation in personality and distinction."

The "light-hearted" campaign, which was the work of ad agency 72andSunny, will include include TV, print, the Internet and radio.

Here's one example with the IT department at The Venetian hotel and casino in Las Vegas:

Interestingly, part of the campaign includes an internal video aimed at the company's 304,000 employees, many new to the company.

Can HP give itself a face beyond that of an inexpensive printer?

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  • Mr. Hurd, what about the Employees?

    I'm sure the 304,000 employees would prefer to get
    their 2.5% to 10% pay cuts back, or the almost
    25,000 ex-employees would prefer to get their jobs
    back, instead of watching Hurd buy company after
    company and a "fancy" $40 million advertising
    • Yes but

      if that puts the company at risk of failure, then the other 304,000 jobs may also disappear, which would be a LOT worse.
  • 'Let's do amazing' - That is what Mr. Hurd has done!

    I can't believe that anybody would belittle the accomplishment that Mr. Hurd has contributed since he took the reigns of this company.

    Let's look at the facts. When Carly Fiorina left in 2005 the company stock price had stagnated in the mid 20's. When she was appointed CEO the company stock price was nearly 60. In her first year the price went to nearly 40 and then a 2:1 split placed the price in the mid to low 20's. That is where it stayed for the remainder of her time.

    You may ask why this is important given the number of employees that have lost their jobs. Part of the compensation that HP employees receive includes stock! I can tell you that all of these employees were very frustrated with the fact that their stock had been flat for years! With Mr. Hurd at the helm, the stock price has increased to around $50 during the most challenging economic depression in decades! Those people that lost their jobs and kept their stock received a fantastic bonus of more than 2x.

    Perhaps your frustration should be focused on Ms. Fiorina for having created/maintained jobs that weren't necessary rather than on Mr. Hurd who had the courage to make the company into a global giant!

    I look forward to seeing the company reputation expand beyond printing. HP already dominates the personal computer space and is making great strides in dominating the server market. The move to provide IT services is fantastic. I look forward to their next move, expansion into networking, databases and possibly other software tools/services.