HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

Summary: Will Windows 8 be the next-gen HP TouchPad's "special sauce"?


Now that HP's new CEO Meg Whitman has committed to keeping its PC division, FoxNews.com's report from early last week that the company is currently testing Windows 8 on the TouchPad makes a lot more sense.

Although HP staffers say they are only doing "proof-of-concept work" by installing the Windows 8 Developer Release on the now extinct hardware, at least they are exploring what the next TouchPad could be like. According to Whitman, she hasn't decided on what to do with webOS just yet but given that Richard Kerris, the former VP of Worldwide Developer Relations, just quit last week, the OS' days seem numbered.

While I understand the logic for HP tablets (and its entire family of PC products) to support Windows 8 (because it will be a big deal when it is released), part of me fear the next-gen TouchPad will be missing that special sauce -- webOS -- that helped its predecessor stand out from competitors in the first place. Even Whitman acknowledged going Win 8 won't save HP last Friday:

We expect HP to compete in the tablet space with Win 8 devices. This strategy is neither unique nor differentiated and is late (iOS and Android ecosystems / competitors have a multi-year lead). We believe HP’s Win 8 devices will have difficulty competing on both a cost and user experience standpoint.

At this rate, maybe HP needs to consider dual-booting Windows 8 and webOS to future-proof its product without alienating its Palm/webOS fans. Bonus points if the company would make such an update available for existing first-gen TouchPad owners.

Any requests on what the next TouchPad should be like?

[Source: ZDNet, FoxNews.com, Engadget]


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  • Windows 8? Really?

    I really don't see this working out for them. The problem with webOS is finally (mostly) gone. People can do a few simple tweaks and their TouchPad works as well as an iPad 2. Imagine if they upgraded the hardware and started to market it some more.

    I'm thinking dual-core or above, even if it's only 1 Ghz. Bonus points if they go with a Tegra 3, really. They have something good, something that can make them stand out, and they're throwing that away for something that will make them "one of many".

    It's a shame.
    Michael Alan Goff
  • "Will Windows 8 be the next-gen HP TouchPadâs âspecial sauceâ?"

    No....but Nokia will be there in HP's place.
  • Windows 8 OEMs ...

    ... should try to differentiate themselves using software / services built on top of Windows. These software / services should have high impact, and should be seen by prospective customers to be very compelling. OEMs could also have software discount programs, where if you purchase one of their products, you can buy certain software at discounted prices.
    P. Douglas
    • They already do - to the detriment of Windows

      @P. Douglas

      This is what the partner ecosystem does already. OEM's take it too far and as a result, you have bloated garbage system utilities (HP Advisor, Acer Empowering, etc.) and tons of trial software products preloaded on new machines.

      No, OEM's should include services as add-ons only at point-of-sale, like Office 365 or Windows Intune - services that don't require much in the way of additional software to bung up the computer.

      I'd rather see OEM's differentiating only in hardware and form factor design and see every system with identical software loadouts than see so many companies differentiating by competing to have the biggest load of bungware.
      • OEMs need user experience guys / designers ...


        ... to examine the hardware design, software design, and the integration between the two, and come up with the best user experiences on their computers. This is a far cry from loading up their machines with useless 'crapware'. The user experience guys should ask questions like, "Is the software I added, regarded as a must have, or a nuisance?" Therefore OEMs should try and obtain the best user experiences on their machines, while implementing software well to achieve their efforts.
        P. Douglas
      • RE: HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

        Decrapifier should be everyone's 1st install
    • RE: HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

      @P. Douglas
      They should considerate on making the best hardware and most reliable drivers. If they want to beat Apple they need to adopt a similar strategy. Kill around 90% of their SKUs and make the remaining 10% Killer. People are willing to pay top price for the Apple brand because they know the computer will be solid and reliable. You cannot say the same about HP, Dell, or even Sony. Win by making the best machine possible. Not by side deals and bloat.
  • RE: HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

    Hurry up HP, I need a reason to dust off my $99 touchpad. I was banking that one day I would be able to install Windows 8 on it, so far looks like my bet could pay off.

    Hurry up HP!
  • RE: HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

    Ugh, no thanks, who wants an OS that'll need a virus scanner onboard to eat your battery life?
    • RE: HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

      @explodingwalrus <br>You mean Android Tablets? They match viruses and battery life in your statement.
      Ram U
    • RE: HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads


      Currently the only OS who require a virus scanner, is android. The whole OS is a maleware.
      • Maleware; is that the same as men's underwear?

  • RE: HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

    I think the only competition for WIn 8 tablets will be iPAD. Apple fans will buy ipad anyway... Android tablets will bite the dust once Win 8 is in the market. Samsung/Nokia etc will be building extremely attractive devices and its up to HP to match their design.
  • RE: HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

    [i]Will Windows 8 be the next-gen HP TouchPad???s ???special sauce????[/i]
    We can only hope so. Microsoft Windows 8 may be the only thing that can save the tablet market.
  • RE: HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

    HP, oh HP. First off let me say I have been with WebOS from the beginning. I brought a Palm Pre when it first came to sprint and I still have and love it. I was disappointed when HP brought Palm and then stopped supporting the first Palm Pre. Even after that I was looking into getting a Touchpad just because I enjoyed the experience of WebOS so much but HP took their sweet time bringing it to the market that I ended up getting an IPad (I worked at Geeksquad so it was hard not to buy an IPad when I played and trained customers on one everyday; I guess I sold it to myself. lol). HP has constantly messed up the WebOS ever since they acquired it . My opinion is either sell it to someone that will value it and treat it like the jewel that it is instead of like a redheaded stepchild or either keep it but change your business model. I was attracted to it initially because it was different from anything that was on the market and plus I was with Sprint and I couldnt get an IPhone. lol. I'm just being honest. The interface is a little buggy but what OS isnt. Thats why I said if HP decides to keep WebOS, treat it right instead of what you have been doing with it since you brought it.
  • RE: HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

    Why is all the talk about installing a new os on the touchpad? Why not android on an ipad or vice versa?
    awkward hug
  • HP compete on hardware!

    HP should return to its roots, and though, yes, it is not easy, compete on hardware. Life wasn't meant to be easy! Apple can do it so can you HP.

    As per all PCs they should offer flexibility on the OS front. Build great hardware and let the market choose Win8 or Android or WebOS. For this reason spinning off WebOS or running it as a separate business unit makes some sense.

    Selling their platform with all options available may make it the swiss army knife of tablets. For the pure Apple feel go WebOS, for corporate interactivity go Win 8 etc.
  • RE: HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

    Give a piece of webOs to the preware crowd. Those guys do amazing things on the touchpad quickly and efficiently. Give those guys some resources and they will create good things for hp. I doubt they will want to be on their payroll but if HP created some kind of spinoff for them it could be a very good symbiotic relationship. Touchpad out of the box .... not so good. 15-20 minutes of installing and configuring some preware... touchpad is shockingly smooth and responsive.
    • &quot;preWare&quot;? webOS is the same as &quot;nowhere&quot;.

      It's time to move on.
  • RE: HP already testing Windows 8 on TouchPads

    ...a funny bone just urged me to say... why not try andriod and the benefits of the android eco-system.. for a change..