HP Movie Store, Kindle app coming to TouchPad

HP Movie Store, Kindle app coming to TouchPad

Summary: With the TouchPad's next OTA update on its way, HP is planning to flesh out the tablet's app support.


We've known for a while that the webOS 3.0.2 over-the-air update for the TouchPad was on its way, but we are finally getting an idea of what's actually in store for the upcoming version.

According to a tip sent to Pre Central, WebOS 3.0.2 will come with a whole slew of updates, including new calculator and clock application. The update will also include a number of screen rotation bug fixes, improve Pivot download speed, and improve the TouchPad's email app.

More enticing, however, is the news that HP is launching its previously-rumored music and movie stores at some point next week. The services will be joined later in the month by official support for Amazon MP3 and Kindle. Kindle's appearance in particular answers one of the bigger questions we've had with the TouchPad.

In all, the TouchPad's support seems to be picking up speed. Let's just hope HP can sustain it.

[Pre Central]

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  • The Touchpad

    is a nice device. I played with it at Office Depot. The thing I did not like is that it does not have a "desktop" component. You can either switch between running apps in a nice way (Deck of cards UI) or have to go to the "All Apps" part

    Unless I missed something ...
  • RE: HP Movie Store, Kindle app coming to TouchPad

    Not sure exactly what the previous poster was looking for in desktop mode, but if you want to quickly open any app, just start typing the app's name from the home screen and it will appear. No need to go to the "All Apps" screen. It's very convenient.