HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos

HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos

Summary: As the July 1st release of the TouchPad draws near, HP is showing off some of the tablet's most important features, including Synergy, multitasking, and stacks.

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With HP prepping the TouchPad for its July 1st release, the latest iPad competitor is getting a lot of screen time.

In this latest set of videos, TouchPad product manger Jonathan Oakes showcases a great deal of the TouchPad's most compelling features. Synergy, one of Palm OS's biggest features, takes information from multiple sources and combes it. This allows the OS's mail app, for instance, to present email messages from multiple accounts at once - a tremendous boon for people who wrangle more than one email account on a daily basis.

Other videos show off the TouchPad's impressive multitasking and "just type" features, both of which make the experience of using a tablet a tad bit more tolerable.

Do any of these features make the TouchPad a must-buy for anyone?

Topic: Hewlett-Packard

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  • Nah

    My Xoom does everything I need it to. Can't see myself needing another tablet.
    Michael Alan Goff
    • The more so both TouchPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1 can not compare to iPad 2 in

      @goff256: ... terms of speed anyway (both had many times weaker graphics and no proper vector FPU).

      And, of course, no tablet apps, while iPad has over 75 thousand.
      • RE: HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos

        I haven't noticed the "slower speed" when comparing my sister's iPad 2 to my Xoom. The picture is also pretty nice on my Xoom, as well.

        As for the apps... irrelevant to me. I only want the apps I use, and so far I have them. Why does it matter if there are 75,000 if most people only use about 10-20? It doesn't.
        Michael Alan Goff
      • not enough apps?


        I noticed "it doesn't matter if there are thousands of apps if I only use 10-20 of them"

        I'll disagree, if you have 10 apps that do different things for you, say organize your photos, access facebook, calendar, rss, email etc... and they're there, they do that but they all suck at it, and you have no choice to get another app that (and we'll preface with "in your opinion") does that task better, well, that's a platform that's not going to evolve, not going to ever get better. you're going to live with a mediocre experience. and for some of you that might be okay, but to grow, you need choices because everybody is different and works differently, and your apps need to be diverse to really serve that population.
      • "If they suck at it"

        So having 20 tip calculators to choose from makes the first one better? No. The number of apps has nothing to do with the quality of apps. Having 75,000 apps is a pointless metric. It isn't something that will actually enhance the experience any.
        Michael Alan Goff
    • RE: HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos

      Your Xoom passes on everything you do to update your Google profile. HP has other ways to make money. Besides, WebOS is an infinitely superior system.
      • RE: HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos


        1) So?

        2) How?
        Michael Alan Goff
  • RE: HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos

    Looks really nice. I did kinda laugh at the Citrix demo, why is this impressive - the app is running on a remote system, so it hardly matters if it's Solidworks or Notepad!

    Also, did you notice the printer - identified by IP address! Really? Somebody at HP should have caught that - looks naff.

    However, seems Apple might actually have some competition - finally.

    Looks impressive.
  • Another Tablet without SD card support, non-starter

    I bought a Nook Color which is low-end compared to iPad or TouchPad, but it has an important feature: it takes a standard microSD card. I keep an extra 64GB of memory for the unit on SD cards, it is less than $100 extra.
    terry flores
    • I agree, to a point...

      @terry flores
      Lack of some sort of SD card would normally be a deal killer and I agree with you on that point. However, I am a daily user of WebOS and I know what it's capable of over the other mobile OS's out there, including the media darling iOS.

      I've tried the other tablets mentioned (the Xoom is nice) and this one disadvantage outweighs the advantages. This will mostly be a home and office device, with some road travel thrown in, so I will almost always be connected to the media that I need, which means I'll have the storage I need. I may us I will have to sport for a 32GB model, as I always underestimate my longer term storage needs.

      As for apps, I use about 25 on my Pre+. Who has time to sort through 75k apps? I found what I need and don't bother with the rest. The only thing missing is a decent e-reader app (iSilo is buggy), but we will see Kindle and maybe Nook apps on the way. It looks like there is a native Adobe PDF reader for the TouchPad. By the way, here's a little history lesson on app quantity: The now defunct (mostly) PalmOS had between 30,000 and 40,000 apps available at it's peak, and PalmOS is living a new incarnation on an island somewhere (for real!).
  • RE: HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos

    Hmmm .... shiney .... if only I could find a use for it ...
  • Picking one up.

    I've been waiting a long time to replace an old laptop we use for email and some other tasks. Apps for us are irrelevant, 75 thousand or 7,500, it'll meet our needs just fine.

    We'll pick one up by the end of the year.
  • RE: HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos

    The TouchPad will get hurt by the lack of apps. Despite what people say about only using 10-20, it is nice to be able to choose the 10-20 from a broad selection. As for how to find them, there are lots of review sources comparing apps in various categories.

    But, the TouchPad deserves to succeed because it it the only device with an OS that may well be better than iOS. The clunker that Google has managed to put together lacks smoothness and finesse, and remains Google spyware. Hopefully, HP can pull in the most significant app makers so that the most basic needs are well satisfied.
    • And you've made it painfully obvious

      that you're merely a troll to be ignored.

      Android isn;'t smooth? It lacks finesses? And then there's the Google Spyware comment. Unless you plan to never use the internet, somebody will be getting your data. Microsoft, Apple, your ISP, all of them have your data.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • RE: HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos

        @goff256 WARNING... iPAD user here!!

        Yes, Android is NOT smooth. Android LACKS finesse. iOS is way ahead in these areas. WebOS is a really good, solid touch-based operating system. I hope it does very well. Even though I gave up my Palm Pre for an iPhone, sometimes I really miss the capability my WebOS phone had.
      • RE: HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos

        Have you used Honeycomb?

        If you are judging the Android Experience from before then, you can't judge the tablet experience. For me, I can say that I've had no problems with it. It has been a smooth experience for me, aside from a few hiccups that can be attributed to user error on my part.
        Michael Alan Goff
  • Is it just me...

    ... or does the on-screen keyboard look pretty much like the current crop of Mac keyboards? Same font and the chicklet-style keys.
  • RE: HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos

    It looks pretty nice, but it needs to run flash, and be cheap. Then ill consider one.
  • Wow

    I was sorta kinda interested in the Touchpad until I saw these videos... Now, I am VERY interested. It looks like HP has been working hard.
  • RE: HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos

    I like the way it seems to work.