Hulu Plus finally lands on the Android Market, doesn't support all devices

Hulu Plus finally lands on the Android Market, doesn't support all devices

Summary: Following Netflix's lead, Hulu is finally available on the Android Market - sans support for a number of flagship Android devices.

TOPICS: Telcos, Mobility

When Netflix finally released an app for Android phones, it invoked the ire of many an Android user whose devices were not initially supported by the app.

And it looks like Hulu is going the same route. On Wednesday, Hulu announced that Hulu Plus, its $7.99-a-month service has finally hit the Android Market - with one main caveat: Not all Android devices will be able to run the app. The list of supported devices so far is, in a word, brief, and includes the Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Inspire 5G, Motorola Droid, Droid X, and Atrix. That's it. But those of you with a super fast Droid Charge or HTC Thunderbolt shouldn't lose hope just yet. Hulu says it will be making additional device announcements as time goes on. So there's that.

And the fragmentation train keeps on rolling.

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Topics: Telcos, Mobility

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  • Don't root

    Don't forget that Netflix is blocking its app on rooted devices. I suspect we'll see Hulu follow suit.
    • RE: Hulu Plus finally lands on the Android Market, doesn't support all devices

      Funny how these apps work on 'jailbroken' iphones..
      • And it was very generous from Ricardo to talk about not supporting "all ...

        @Hasam1991: ... devices", while it would be more fair to tell it outright -- that <b>among hundreds types of devices, only six are supported.</b>
  • Dude... you have to have a Dell

    This kind of stuff can kill Android. Consumers aren't going to make lists of which apps run on which devices. They are going to hear that "Hulu [or Netflix] runs on my Droid," run out and sign a two-year deal on something they think is a "Droid," and then turn into a very unhappy customer when it doesn't work.

    The sort of people who work in Best Buys and Verizon stores aren't going to know this stuff either -- especially since it's going to change every week -- so they won't be much help in preventing it.
    Robert Hahn
  • RE: Hulu Plus finally lands on the Android Market, doesn't support all devices

    I wouldn't worry about the rooted devices, caveat emptor that those who mess with a device get what they are looking for (like the iPhone apps I hosed by going to iOS 5 ... which btw is many).

    I would worry about the notion that there are a lot of apps that don't work on certain devices/OS flavors. This is a big buzz kill. An average consumer won't say that this or that app doesn't work ... they will say that their phone doesn't work. This is the complaint I hear from Android users before they switch to iPhone.

    This is especially true for paid apps.

    I think the Apple model of protecting the marketplace while intellectually inconvenient, does help here. It could also be the sheer number of devices, there is no way development teams can adequately test every device/OS combo on Android ... there are just too many.

    I wish Google would step up and offer/enforce some set of interoperability standards that dev's could code to. This would help everyone out in the long run.
    • Apple model suffers too.....

      While that may appear true for Apple, having an iPad, iPad2, 3G, 3GS and 4 in my household, It is very surprising the number of apps that will not run on prior or preceding generation devices.

      It claims compatible (ex: Infinity Blade, iPad2 yes, iPad no) but the physical limitations (ie: memory) cause the app to quickly fail.

      Seeing this on an increasing number of apps.
  • It is funny

    how every little issue pertaining to Android's flood of devices leads to the inevitable conclusion that 'stuff like this is going to kill Android.' It reminds me of the line by Yogi Berra about a popular nightspot. 'Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded."
    • RE: Hulu Plus finally lands on the Android Market, doesn't support all devices

      Not going to kill it but it is frustrating if you are the user who can't use an app or if your app constantly crashes... trust me it happens a lot, people return Android phones daily becuase they coulndn't use an app.
  • Only 6? No Tablets?

    Wonder what the driver is:

    I suspect starting with v4 we will see a lot more "standardization".
    Unfortunately this will make it difficult for legacy devices.....