iHome's iDM5 Executive is a full-featured tablet workstation, speaker system

iHome's iDM5 Executive is a full-featured tablet workstation, speaker system

Summary: iHome is bringing back to the 80s with its feature-rich keyboard speaker system.


Tablet docks come in a fairly wide variety of shapes and sizes, but few are as unique as iHome's iDM5 Executive Space-Saver Station.

Available as of today, the dock is a rather imposing, feature-heavy, 3.3-lb keyboard speaker system artfully imbued through and through with the electronics design conventions of the 1980s.

In addition to its full size keyboard, the iDM5 features Bluetooth speakers, a microphone, 3.5mm aux line-in jack, and a pair of USB ports.

"Whether video conferencing, typing up reports, making calls or streaming music, the iDM5 is the perfect product for the multi-tasker," iHome says in the device's press release. Which is funny because featuring all of those things makes the iDM5 sound conspicuously like a, well, desktop computer.

In any case, the iDM5 Executive is a big first for iHome, which has made its mark so far making those insanely prevalent iPod speaker docks seemingly all of your dorm room-ridden friends own.

Running for $129, the IDM5 Executive seems like the ideal device for those who have made their tablets the center of their workflow.

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  • 1980's

    OMG, 1980's, you're not kidding. That thing looks like one of those keyboards that were built to interface with and house a Sinclair ZX81. Is it built by Memotech, by chance? LOL!
    • Excactl!

      I looked at it and thought, boah, I had something like that, when I was growing up! :-D
  • 1978 !!!

    lol - does it come with a thermal printer too!
  • I dunno

    I kind of like it myself.
  • They missed the boat!

    Everyone makes everything for the iPad to plug into, but what about the rest of us tablet users? There are millions of "other" tablets out here that might like some attention also.