Internet Explorer 6 finally laid to rest

Internet Explorer 6 finally laid to rest

Summary: A design group in Denver thought it was finally time to put Internet Explorer 6 to rest, holding a mock funeral for the 8-year-old and outdated Microsoft browser last night.

TOPICS: Browser, Microsoft

A design group in Denver thought it was finally time to put Internet Explorer 6 to rest, holding a mock funeral for the outdated Microsoft browser last night. It was 8 years old.

Apparently, IE6 died from "a workplace injury sustained at the headquarters of Google, Inc." (Sounds like a hit job to me...) Event organizers suggested "funeral" attire, but added that there would also be a tapas bar. That seems more like it for a tech event.

Microsoft showed they have a sense of humor too, as they sent some flowers in remembrance for the deceased.

I don't even know the last time I used IE 6...or even Internet Explorer at all, for that matter. R.I.P. IE6.

[Image via IE6 Funeral]

Topics: Browser, Microsoft

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  • One step at a time ..

    ... Windows is next. IE only run on Windows.
    Hint, Get rid of Windows, problem solved.

    PS. IE6 is the fall guy. :(

    • Errrr

      Ah another Linux zealot. [Got nothing better to do today?]

      Not true. Some Macs still have IE in them!
      Gis Bun
  • Somebody check the corpse! It ain't dead yet...

    Seems the ambiguous "design group in Denver" was a little premature...

    This from just four days ago:

    • Errr

      That's because the not too wise people at Intel decided to base their programming on a specific version of a browser.

      Can you imagine the ridicule if it was something like basing the site on Flash Player 6 [out at the time when Win XP came out] and it can't run any more recent version of Flash?

      IE7 has been out for a few years now. By this time they should of moved off IE6 - or they are just plain incompitent.
      Gis Bun
      • Who kiiled it???

        Although IE7 (does not work as it should) and IE8 (heavier day by day) are out and as I stated do not work properly, people are still using IE6,
        or otherwise moving to a different and far better engine (Firefox,chrome, ...etc), so who is the intelligent who decided it is over for the IE6?????
  • RE: Internet Explorer 6 finally laid to rest

    And here I am using our corportate Standard IE6 at this very moment!

    Does not feel cold an clammy!
  • Antivirus Alert

    If you use IE-Six in the future anti virus program may
    alert you like this,

    **** Virus Found ****
    Virus Name: IE-Six
    Infection: Spoiling internet
    Solution:Switch to Open source
  • RE: Internet Explorer 6 finally laid to rest

    As Mark Twain once said, "The reports of my demise are premature." So too are the reports about IE 6.
    I've "played" with both 7 and 8 and HATE the tabbed browsing, the rearrangement of the buttons, the additional real estate take up by such things as the Bing search bar, etc.
    And, if more people would either use a spell-checker or proof-read before posting, there wouldn't be as many people that appear to be <b>incompetent</b> out there. (_o^^o_)
    • Tabbed browsing

      Agree about the stupid Bing bar, but you can
      just turn it off. Far better yet, move out of
      the 17th century (now that it is the 21st)and
      get rid of IE completely. Use a real browser,
      like Firefox or Chrome. Either one of them
      make IE look like the dinosaur it is.

      By the way, learn to use tabbed browsing, and I
      assure you your opinion will change. Tabbed
      browsing ROCKS.
      • Tabbed Browsing

        I agree, I got addicted to tabbed browsing
        with Google Chrome.

        The only suckage is that when you press the
        window x (not the tab) with multiple tabs open, it
        doesn't ask "are you sure"...

        I wish that was a configurable option.
  • about damn time..

    I wish the rest of the world would follow along.. and
    also that Microsoft had "put it to sleep" many years ago.
    It's the bane of every sane web designer's existence.
    Granted, 7 and 8 are not all joy and roses either but at
    least they can handle PNGs properly.