iPhone 3G: The official rates from AT&T

iPhone 3G: The official rates from AT&T

Summary: Now that the iPhone 3G announcement has finally come and gone, turns out the most common rumors were right -- big price drop, GPS, slightly thicker, Exchange-friendly out of the box, not immediately available -- others not so much (nope, no (Product) RED version. My colleague Matthew Miller has some great open questions, some of which I take a stab at below.


iPhone 3GNow that the iPhone 3G announcement has finally come and gone, turns out the most common rumors were right -- big price drop, GPS, slightly thicker, Exchange-friendly out of the box, not immediately available -- others not so much (nope, no (Product) RED version. My colleague Matthew Miller has some great open questions, some of which I take a stab at below.

As for contract requirements, according to an AT&T spokesperson, current AT&T customers will be treated like new AT&T customers when it comes to the iPhone 3G. All will receive the same $199/$299 pricing - the only difference is that existing customers will reset their contract period to two years. That's a surprisingly decent move on their part, since it means that many folks -- myself included -- will be able to receive two carrier-subsidized handsets within a one-year period.

Not shockingly, AT&T's iPhone rate plans are going up for 3G owners. Today, owners of first-generation iPhone users pay far less for voice+data plans than owners of other PDAs/Smartphones do. While the lowest rate plan for the original iPhone was $59.99 (for 450 anytime minutes, plus unlimited data), iPhone 3G users will pay for their voice and data separately, with a combined plan starting at $69.99.

Personal accounts will need pay $30 per month for unlimited 3G data, while business accounts will pay $45 per user. One item to note: You can still access your company's Exchange server if you have a personal account.

Of course, you'll also need to sign up for a voice account, plans are as follows:

  • 450 minutes: $39.99
  • 900 minutes: $59.99
  • 1,350 minutes: $79.99
  • Unlimited: $99.99

Family plans are also available, at:

  • 700 minutes: $69.99
  • 1,400 minutes: $89.99
  • 2,100 minutes: 109.99
  • 3,000 minutes: $149.99
  • Unlimited minutes: $199.99

(Note: You'll need to add $10 per line to the family rates above).

As for some of Matthew's other questions, I think it may be safe to assume we know the answers to at least a few of them. One would think if the iPhone 3G had video capabilities, Jobs would have mentioned it at the WWDC; ditto for cut/copy/paste functionality, which would have been a huge crowd-pleaser. On the postive front, at least those omissions give us bloggers something to speculate about. So, I hear the next iPhone may have video. And cut and paste functionality. And come in fuscia, orange, and paisley.

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  • Where is FLASH!?

    Why won't anyone address the only question that matters... Where is Flash Player? Is there any reason to buy a phone which does not support Flash? The reason why I find this to be a big deal is because Apple claims the iPhone is a full web browser, but without Flash support it is anything but a full web browser.

    We want Flash!
    • flash? what's that?

      Are you living in 2005? WEb applications are the future. Flash just eats so much memory. No Phone has ever had a great flash player. Show me one to contrast iPhone's Safari.
      • Flash is where its at

        Well genius, if ya wants to watch video, 99% of the sites use flash.
    • Can I pay more for them to leave OFF Flash?

      Personally, I'm *so* glad when browsing on my iPhone I don't
      have to look at the stupid Flash ads that litter the web these

      99% of the time if there's Flash on a web page it's not
      something I need to see--especially when browsing on my
  • What A Flipping Ripoff

    I'm paying $84 for unlimited data, text, and 450 minutes on my Tilt, this is going to cost over $100 a month on the Iphone.

    You just lost a potential IPhone customer.
    • Do you text that much?

      If you leave off unlimited text...

      I pay $63 (including tax) for 450 min, unlimited data, and 200 text on my HTC Vox. Seems like you could pay even less than your current plan.
      Question everything
    • Might want to work on your math

      $69.99 for 450 minutes, unlimited data, and 200 texts.

      Unlimited texts cost the same amount extra on top of that
      as any other AT&T phone. Where are you getting over
      $100 total?

      What they did is change the data cost from the
      smartphone rate ($20 a month) to the PDA rate ($30 a

      The monthly fee for the iPhone is now equal to the Tilt,
      instead of $10 less.
    • What A Flipping Ripoff - AGREED!!!

      AT&T service and coverage is garbage. They've been saying "it will get better" ever since Cingular disappeared...it's only gotten worse.

      I was going to get one of these new iPhones, but the AT&T rates are not worth it at all, especially if I have to murder the 39.95/1500 minute plan I have had for years. An iPhone isn't worth paying for horrible service.
  • RE: iPhone 3G: The official rates from AT

    it's THINNER.. not thicker.
  • I think you mean it's a little "thinner", not "thicker" (nt)

  • RE: iPhone 3G: The official rates from AT

    Nope, I meant a little thicker. The 3G is going to be 0.48 inches thick while the original was 0.46 thick. Clearly not particularly significant, but thicker nonetheless.
  • No iPhone as Modem option?

    My 2-year old Sprint PPC-6700 allows phone as a modem option with both USB and Bluetooth. And my unlimited vision data plan is $15 per month. Tell me when iPhone can give me phone as a modem option and I will think about switching.

    For now, I am waiting for HTC Diamond Touch and HTC Touch Pro in the US.
  • Well so HoHoHo! the exposure was too much for AT&T to be the Big Sir in ME!

    I knew all along for (14) though I was wanting numbers we got action. How do these iPhones operate in South Hamton without a Laptop? Dade Murphy and the guy with no name,(Steve Jobs),know How.
  • Stuck with AT&T

    When is some other provider besides AT&T going to be able to offer the Iphone?
    • Re: Stuck with AT&T

      AT&T has an exclusive contract with Apple covering the iPhone for
      several YEARS. So within the USA, AT&T will be the only carrier offering
      the iPhone. As this is done by contract, it will not be changing anytime

      And since CDMA-2000 is not widely used outside the USA, it is very
      unlikely that Apple will ever make an iPhone that works with CDMA2000
      carriers (e.g. Alltel, Sprint, Verizon).
    • provider

      Where I live 25 miles south of Joliet, Illinois AT&T service is
      terrible, Verizon works everywhere. I would buy an Iphone in
      a second if it worked in my area, something Apple should
      rally consider.
      • re:Provider

        I think that MANY of us would LOVE to switch to an iPhone, but since AT&T coverage is so poor in many rural areas, it wouldn't work for us. Apple needs to look at coverage areas before they renew any contracts!!
      • If you were a fanboy.

        You would just move to better coverage. This is an iPhone.
    • So Buy just the iPhone and get it unlocked...

      If T-Mobile works better in your area than att (att is GREAT where I am), then for under $90 you can get your iPhone unlocked and use it on T-Mobile.

      I'd probably wait a little just to make sure unlocking it doesn't screw up the software, since this is a big (yet disappointing) upgrade to the iPhone but when you're ready, try places like wirelessimports.com, check on eBay....getting unlocked iPhones now is no big deal.
      • What's the point?

        For an iPhone 2.0, aside from the other improvements the 3G speed capability will be lost, since ATT and T-Mobile use different parts of the 3G spectrum. On T-Mobile, you'd still be stuck with EDGE speed if a WiFi connection isn't available.