iPhone 5 cases land in AT&T stores

iPhone 5 cases land in AT&T stores

Summary: With more and more iPhone 5 cases surfacing ahead of Apple's big day on October 4th, is a bigger and slimmer iPhone really coming our way?


With just five days to go until Apple makes the iPhone 4S or 5 (or both) official at its Cupertino campus on October 4th, MacRumors has obtained photos that new iPhone 5 sleeves are already making their way to AT&T stores, suggesting a redesigned iPhone 5 may be unveiled  on Tuesday after all.

Judging by the photos captured by MacRumors' tipster who reportedly is an AT&T retail staff, the shape of these generic, black silicone sleeves are consistent with the leaked Case-Mate iPhone 5 case images published-then-pulled earlier this month. Both sets hint of the iPhone 5 being more svelte than the iPhone 4, with tapered edges that resemble the iPad 2.

These photos seem to contradict earlier rumors that Apple will only be announcing a slight updated iPhone 4S on October 4th, due to alleged production problems with the more technically ambitious iPhone 5 (thinner with a bigger display) according to 9to5Mac. BGR is also reporting that Case-Mate's ephemeral iPhone 5 cases have just shown up in AT&T internal database, further tipping the scale in favor of a new iPhone. After all, there is no reason for AT&T to stock accessories for a phone that isn't launching soon, and with mounting evidence that iPhone 5 cases are already making their way to retailers, the new iPhone is sure to follow.

[Source: 9to5Mac, MacRumors, BGR]


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  • RE: iPhone 5 cases land in AT&T stores

    It's funny how lately so many secrets are let out of the bag by "partner" companies (web sites, accessories, off-hand comments to the media, etc.)!
    • RE: iPhone 5 cases land in AT&T stores

      @bmgoodman Yet no iPhone 5 so I don't think it was a partner that was working on solid info.
      • iPhone 5 cases land in AT&T stores

        Is it ture?www.mocole.com
  • RE: iPhone 5 cases land in AT&T stores

    Or may be this is all ways to build up the excitement before the big event.
  • nice

    You gotta give kudos to Apple, how do they generate so much BUZZ?? I guess they do Think Differently
  • RE: iPhone 5 cases land in AT&T stores

    Still with the cases. Why not buy a phone that doesn't need one?
    • RE: iPhone 5 cases land in AT&T stores

      They make cases for nearly every phone available...many people prefer a case to protect their phones, not because the phone has to have a case to work
  • Where is the iphone 5 ?

    Cases are there but where is the iphone 5? How case producers know the new iphone 5? I really wonder this phone. I think it will be the best phone in the world.<br><br><a href="http://www.socialplayful.com>Cheap Zynga Chips</a>
  • RE: iPhone 5 cases land in AT&T stores

    honestly, just make the switch. when i got my first iPhone i didn't want it at all simply for the keyboard. after a week or so of using it at could type extremely fast on it. You get used to it instantaneously. Also i am one of the very few people who doesnt want a bigger screen. especially the android phone where not only the screen is large but the whole phone is huge, they don't fit in my pocket and i find them clunky and awkward. GET the iPhone :)
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  • iPhone 5 cases land in AT&T stores

    I read on some websites that new iphone 5 will have a completely different design from the old ones. So i think these cases companies who already manfactured cases for iphone 5 have to deeply look in this matter.

  • Another slim case

    Found this one at http://www.casesiphone5.com/concept-iphone-5-case-slim/. Man that thing is going to be tiny. I WANT ONE NOW!!!! :)
  • iphone 5 cases

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    • It is iphone 5 cases

      Looking for iPhone 5 Cases? It is the perfect combination with beauty and practicality.
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  • Go to casebuddy.com.au

    Look at all these link spammers. Id go to http://www.casebuddy.com.au to get a case.
    James T Meyer
  • These are nice

    but this one is better. It's a case, wallet and stand for the iPhone. http://icrobat.com
    Julius Muller
  • What?!?!

    This is an iPod Touch case... Lol looks like someone can work a labeler!
  • new leather iphone 5 cases

    i have got one iphone 5 leather case from gaffeycat.com, so lovely.
    Zoe Huang