Kobo to take on Amazon with the 7-inch, $200 Vox tablet

Kobo to take on Amazon with the 7-inch, $200 Vox tablet

Summary: Kobo is moving from eReaders to tablets with the launch of the Vox.


eBook reader manufacturer Kobo is trying something new with the launch of the Vox, its first tablet.

Kobo is calling the Vox the world's first social eReader, and it's not hard to see why. The device is integrated with Kobo's Reading Life, which allows users to connect their reading to Facebook, track their progress, unlock awards, and create book clubs. Kobo's recently-released Kobo Pulse is also making its appearance on the Vox.

On the tech side, the Vox offers a 7-inch 1024 x 600 resolution display, a 800MHz processor, 8GB of internal storage, 7 hours of battery life, and 512MB of RAM.

But probably the biggest news is that Kobo is selling the Vox for $199, which is the same price Amazon has opted to sell the Kindle Fire. Considering how similar the two devices are, the Vox may actually steal some of the Kindle Fire's marketshare when the devices hit the market in November.

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  • RE: Kobo to take on Amazon with the 7-inch, $200 Vox tablet

    I doubt it. Amazon's biggest selling point is...it's, well, Amazon. It's got the brand name appeal, where I hadn't heard of Kobo until I started reading ZDNet, as well as having the infrastructure to send you tons and tons of crap.
  • Tech specs are has been for this tablet

    Single core, 800MHz, 512gb ram, no cloud.... no wonder it is so cheap. This will fade into the background noise compared to the Fire.
  • RE: Kobo to take on Amazon with the 7-inch, $200 Vox tablet

    I know either will be better then the nook color I currently own. Nook color has its limitations including being locked into over priced apps with limited selection from BN ONLY! add to that a history of cord failures and even a few fires! then there is the low memory error when installing apps. The only "fix" is for BN to repartition your memory leaving you only 1gb for books. Then factor in that nook can not play movies e.g. netflix and nook has lost. I will not buy a newer model from BN unless they offer a substantial trade in!
    • RE: Kobo to take on Amazon with the 7-inch, $200 Vox tablet


      You can solve all those issues by rooting your Nook Color. I had a Nook Color for a while before moving on to an HTC Flyer. The Flyer is better, but the Nook Color running Cyanogenmod 7 is very nice. It was unbeatable for the price when it first came mout.
  • Why socialize?

    Reading is a largely anti-social , 'I want my own time', hobby... I want it to remain so.

    As to why somebody would want to share his every waking moment with darned Facebook is beyond me.

    What happened to individuality?

    Anyway, a poor spec machine that will join the many poor spec tablets lying around... Shall we say 'gone with the Wind'?
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