LG aims to revive struggling brand with new design philosophy and stylish phones

LG aims to revive struggling brand with new design philosophy and stylish phones

Summary: LG is giving its phones a much-needed design upgrade, starting with its upcoming L-Series phones.

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While LG's phones aren't too well known for being stylish, the company is aiming to turn that around with its new L-Style phones, which will be shown off extensively at this year's Mobile World Congress.

LG Mobile CEO Jong-seok Park said in a statement: “With smartphones, we sometimes took a more functional approach to design but with L-Style we’re going back to our roots as a company focused on how our products fit into the lifestyle of our customers.”

To that end, here are guiding tenets of LG's L-Style line, which aims to recreate the same general feel of phones like the beloved LG Chocolate, and more recently, the Prada 3.0.

Modern square design: Devices like the new Optimus L3, Optimus L5, and Optimus L7 (pictured above) all feature this square design, which is meant to be as attractive as it is functional.

Floating mass technology. This is how LG describes the general look that a phone's on-screen content is popping off the screen. Looks pretty good from here.

Seamless layout. LG says this feature allows for a more intuitive arrangement of keys, which can never be a bad thing. It also, strangely, implies that LG didn't have this in mind previously.

Harmonized design contrast.  LG's L-Series devices will prominently feature metallic accents, a feature that will certainly add a more higher-end quality to its devices.

Sensuous Slim Shape. This one clearly ties in with the first. Everyone loves slim phones.

A lot of it sounds like marketing nonsense, but its clear from the new phones pictured above that that LG is learning from its mistakes when it comes to design. Or at least we can hope.

Topic: Hardware

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  • RE: LG aims to revive struggling brand with new design philosophy and stylish phones

    Looks more copy-cat to me. I can't tell the difference between the phones in the photo than any given tablet on the market now. Imitating the style of a tablet is not in itself a bad thing, unless you do it while patting yourself on the back for your "innovative" style.
  • lg optimus L7

    Sales of Smartphone LG Optimus L7 will begin today,