LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

Summary: LG is stepping up the OLED game with an insanely thin, 55-inch display. Will the living room ever be the same?

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware

When it comes to televisions, bigger is almost always better. LG realizes this, which is why the company is announcing the world's largest OLED television ahead of this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Measuring at 55-inches, LG's new display is both thin and almost entirely devoid of a bezel. It's pretty hard to visualize it, but the display is a mesmerizing 4-mm thick, making it thinner than the iPhone and countless other devices. Predictably, the display is also pretty light, weighing in at 7.5-kg (16.5-pounds).

LG plans to sell the device during the forth quarter of the year, which should probably give interested consumers enough time to save up the requisite amount of cash to buy it. There's no price quite yet, but expect something north of $5000.

[LG Blog]

Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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  • RE: LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

    LG needs to focus more on product quality. My LG blu-ray dvd failed in fifteen months; no video output in any mode other than graphics during boot up. Can't use it to watch DVDs or download Netflox videos. Totally useless and LGs support site is just as useless - no serious effort to help me diagnose the problem or get it working. They have no problem asking me to post reviews of the product but fail to publish any that i have written; ask me if I'm surprised.

    I will not buy another LG product of any kind.<br><br>RCharles
    • LG is not the best quality brand

      @sam234@... LG may be expensive, but it has never being a top quality brand. LG used to be a cheap brand that turned popular (like Visio) but the quality of their products is still about as good as when they were the cheap brand.
      • RE: LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

        @wackoae Personally, I wouldn't lump LG in with Vizio. The folks I know who own Vizio products love them. Their quality control seems a lot better than LG's. It just shows that "cheap" isn't the same as "inexpensive." The sad thing is, LG isn't even inexpensive. They're expensive and crappy.
    • RE: LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

      @sam234@... What do you call the above?
  • RE: LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

    Just bought an LG TV 55LW6500. Not impressed with the quality. AV didn't work and the Magic Motion was very slow. Got the board replaced. AV worked on the second board, but now the Magic Motion doesn't work. They need to stop making these things in Mexico. It's no place for technology. So far the stuff they make is junk. Hopefully the next board works right.
    • Location has nothing to do with quality

      @vkingpele They could be built in Kansas, USA and still be as crappy or crappier than the ones built in Mexico. The problem with reliability has more to do with the use of cheap components and not necessarily with the quality control at the final assembly.

      For example, Samsung LEDs with a T in the model number have a "tearing" problem (OTA connections) due to the usage of capacitors that don't meet the specs. Replacing the capacitors with $5 capacitors from Radio Shack (ie: consumer prices) will resolve the problem .... but Samsung decided to save a few pennies and release the devices with bad components.
      • RE: LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television


        Didn't know about the LED problems but certainly did when my 4 year old LCD had the same power supply problem,luckily a replacing the capacitors solved the starting up problem.

  • Well...

    Well I sure as hell don't want one, but it's always nice to see people are pushing the technology into existence.
  • RE: LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

    @Naryan, I agree!<br>@vkingpele You are so naive! There are so many things that I'm pretty sure you use everyday, and you don't have an idea where they were built! Hint: Mexico (Not in the US, for sure, otherwise they'd be so expensive you wouldn't even think about buying them.) There are so many things you eat that are produced in Mexico, and you have no idea where they come from!<br>Don't use your (bad) judgement of bad quality based on what you've *heard*. Inform yourself!
  • RE: LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

    Woof, woof.

    Might buy one when Samsung ship a similar panel to themselves or Sony for incorporation into a set.
  • LG uses 'Style' to market mediocre products

    A lot of people aren't aware that the LG comes from the Lucky Goldstar Corporation - notorious for bottom of the barrel electronics pre-LG branding. They launched LG with attractive cosmetic design and upscale marketing to try to escape Goldstar's dismal brand image and quality.

    My first LG experience was four years ago when my 19" CTX crt died. I bought LG's best 22" lcd monitor from Best Buy because of great specs, great image on BB display, and because it was on sale for $100 off. Hooked up the LG, downloaded the proper driver from LG website.

    Out of the box, it had one stuck (really bright) green pixel in the middle of the screen which made it super annoying to use. But just as bad, it couldn't wake up from 'sleep' mode on my PC. It would only awake from a full PC & monitor power off & reboot. The old CTX monitor went in & out of sleep mode perfectly on the same PC. LG support was difficult to contact and of no help.

    Because of the stuck pixel and sleep issue, I exchanged it at Best Buy for another one. The second one had the same sleep issue, but at least no bad pixels. When I asked a BB Geek Squad guy about the sleep problem, his answer was basically 'tough sh$t, they've seen the problem before, but wouldn't/couldn't help' - but I could return it for ridiculously high restocking fee.

    My experience with both LG and BB Geek Squad made me put both on my 'last resort' list of companies...
    • RE: LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

      @EeeCeeTee .................... I have to agree on Geek Squad. There are some very good techs, nice and helpful folks, working for Geek Squad, but they are the exception. The company policy of uniquely high prices, slow turnaround, and mediocre technical expertise tend to keep them at arm's length if possible.
    • RE: LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television


      Thanks for the LG info. I believe Best Buy's Insignia is also made by LG.

      I also have to agree with Naryan above. I'm glad that their pushing this tech out there. For it to come down in price, people with enough money have to start buying them. Then the tech can eventually trickle down to the rest of us.
  • RE: LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

    this tv blows me away
  • RE: LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

    Only 4mm thick? Great for a smart phone, but for a big HD TV? One question, do the VESA mounting bolts on the rear come all the way thru the display? The bolts have to engage at least 3 to 4 threads and that alone would need 4mm. 8-)
  • RE: LG's announces nearly bezel-free 55-inch OLED television

    What is it with people who like ultra thin no bezel TV's, It's almost as though people no longer have any taste. Personally I think all LCD TV's are ugly, they lack any character or style they simply look like a big ugly plastic window.

    I sure do miss the days when TV's and furniture had style. I used to own a custom cabinet Curtis Mathes TV that was beautiful. I had the cabinet custom made from Black forest cherry wood, it added style and class to the living room. TV Now I have a Sony LCD hanging on the wall and its ugly as hell.. One of these days I'm going to remodel the Living room and have the wall built with a recessed opening that will house the TV. The opening will have a sliding remote controlled panel that will hide the TV, that way I don't have to look at that damned ugly thing when I'm not using it.