Logitech harnesses the power of the sun with its iPad Solar Keyboard Folio

Logitech harnesses the power of the sun with its iPad Solar Keyboard Folio

Summary: Logitech's latest iPad keyboard offers two years of power on a single charge.

TOPICS: Hardware

While there is no shortage of iPad keyboard cases, not too many attempts have been made at making solar powered ones.

Logitech, however, is taking a stab at it. Its new Solar Keyboard Folio uses the energy of the sun and lamps to power its Bluetooth keyboard. According to Logitech, the device's battery lasts two years on a single charge (assuming you use it for a maximum of 2 hours per day.) Useless number? Probably - but at least you'll never have to worry about the keyboard running out of juice.

Built for the second- and third-generation iPads, the device uses the same magnet mechanisms as Apple's Smart Cover for quick powering on and off.

This isn't Logitech's first foray into solar-powered keyboards. It's been here before with devices like Wireless K750 Mac keyboard, which was released last year.

Available now for pre-order, Logitech's Solar Keyboard Folio runs for $130. Expect it in stores later this month.

Topic: Hardware

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  • The irony of solar powered iPad keyboards

    iPads can't be used in the sun (I know, I have one) so a solar powered iPad keyboard is pretty much useless.
    • No it's not useless...

      You can leave the keyboard to charge, and use it whenever / wherever you want.

      With your reasoning you won't use the iPad at night!
    • 2 year battery life

      Without ever taking the keyboard outside, according to Logitech. Trickle charges using indoor lighting.
  • optomist always

    I visualized at first it would charge the iPad. However I realize a tablet is too power-hungry to be powered by a PV system that size. Some day perhaps. I do like it for the keyboard, one less battery to fiddle with.
  • More Apple Tax - Logitech syle!

    I guess if Logitech feals that they can afford a $500+ gadget they can afford a $130 keyboard [$30+ more than the regular solsar keyboard].
  • K750

    Love the K 750 works great with my PC not my Mac