Logitech Wireless Mouse M515 works on a sofa or pillow

Logitech Wireless Mouse M515 works on a sofa or pillow

Summary: Have you ever wanted to use your pillow as a mouse pad? Now you can with the new Logitech Wireless Mouse M515!

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Have you ever wanted to use your pillow as a mouse pad? Now you can with the new Logitech Wireless Mouse M515!

The M515 sports a sealed bottom case that can glide on fabric (and stop fuzz from getting in) as well as a hand-detection sensor to make sure the mouse is only active when you want it to be. Thus, it can work anywhere on any soft surface from a blanket to a sofa cushion. Very versatile. (Still, can no one just get up and go to a table or desk anymore?)

Nitty-gritty details include a two-year battery life, Logitech's Hyper-Fast Scrolling technology and a handy USB receiver for your computer.

The Logitech Wireless Mouse M515 will roll out across Europe this April for £49.99 ($79.68). It looks like couch potatoes in America will have to wait a bit.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Why don't they make more bluetooth mice?

    Seriously. I have a real hatred for those little wireless dongles. Bluetooth is a perfectly good technology for wireless mice but I find that companies like Logitech and MS make very few models compatible with bluetooth. Why? Is there extra cost? Not enough bluetooth on PCs? Reduced battery life?
    • Better than what they used to be.


      My desktop mouse still has one the size of my thumb. I used to use it on my laptop when I found one that had the stub receiver.

      But I agree, Why is there no built in support for Bluetooth? Wake up OEMs!
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Simple answer: Battery life

      @NonZealot Wireless mouse and keyboards are notorious for dying (running out of juice) when you need them the most. They tend to eat-up batteries very quickly. Rechargeable are only good for a few months before the user experience begin to degrade quickly.
      • Are you comparing wireless to wired?

        [i]Wireless mouse and keyboards are notorious for dying[/i]

        I'm comparing wireless (point to point? not sure what it is actually called) to bluetooth. There are pros and cons to wired vs wireless for sure but I'm more curious why, of all the non-wired mice, so few are bluetooth compatible? I have one of the few bluetooth mice I could find for my laptop and it works quite well. It will occasionally get "unpaired" but this happens very infrequently. Perhaps companies get a lot more support calls for bluetooth mice?
  • RE: Logitech Wireless Mouse M515 works on a sofa or pillow

    No need to wait. My 2-year-old Logitech bluetooth mouse that is the predecessor to the current M305 has been used on many a couch arm and pillow with no ill effects. And by the way, in contrast some of the other commenters, I have no complaints about the battery life. I've only had to change the battery once.
    • M515

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