Logitech's new K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard adds support for three devices

Logitech's new K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard adds support for three devices

Summary: Logitech is adding to its solar-powered keyboard offerings with the Wireless Solar Keyboard K760.

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Logitech is doubling down on solar-powered keyboards with the Wireless Solar Keyboard K760, an update to a similar device the company released last year.

With the update comes support for up to three devices simultaneously, which the keyboard manages via so-called easy-switching. This allows the device to alternate between devices via the pressing of one of its function keys, which is obviously a big deal for owners of multiple devices.

Of course, we can't ignore that the device is also solar-powered, which certainly adds to its appeal. Logitech says that a single charge will have the keyboard running for three months on eight hours of use per day.

Solar power is something that Logitech does pretty well and often, having announced a solar powered iPad keyboard earlier this month.

The K760 runs for $79 and goes on sale in June.

Topic: Hardware

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  • No Numeric Keypad?

    I own one of the original K750 keyboards and I love it. I would purchase a K760 if it had a numeric keypad. This is one of the features which sold me on the K750. I think Logitech is making a big mistake.
  • Logitech Solar Keyboard

    Looks like a complete unit. Nice profile.