Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart

Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart

Summary: Walmart joins Best Buy, Target, and Staples as the latest retail chain to sell Amazon's popular e-reader.

TOPICS: Amazon, Apple, Tablets

Potential Kindle customers now have 3,200 more locations where they can check out the Amazon device.

Amazon has inked a deal with Walmart to make the boxed retail titan the latest chain to feature Amazon's popular e-reader. Amazon has made similar arragments with Staples, Best Buy, and Target.

This is a major move for Amazon. One of Apple's biggest competitive advantages is its chain of retail stores, which give potential customers a chance to try out products before they buy them. Considering that a brick-and-mortar retail chain is something that Amazon conspicuously lacks, it's imperative for the internet company to find some other way to establish a physical retail presence.  What better way to do that than team up the big daddy of retail itself?

Topics: Amazon, Apple, Tablets

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  • I don't shop at Walmart

    so if I buy one it won't be from them.
    Bill Pharaoh
    • Thank you for sharing

      It never ceases to amaze me how many people think that the world revolves around them, as if everyone cares where they shop or what they'd buy.
      Robert Hahn
      • that's not it at all

        @Robert Hahn , some people find Walmart offensive. Do you do business with places you don't like?
        I don't trade with Walmart either.
    • RE: Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart

      I agree totally. Will never step into a Walmart. Does Amazon realize that W****#### would love to put them out of business?
  • RE: Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart

    Everybody says they don't shop at Walmart, yet they feel the need to be the first ones to comment on a Walmart-related article. Interesting, isn't it?
    • Message has been deleted.

    • RE: Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart


      Nope, not particularly interesting except for people who find it odd that others spend their dollars in a thoughtful, intentional way according to their moral plan.

      Shop cheapest only and you'll get what we are getting - the economy ravaged by offshore production and the culture ravaged by missing livable-wage jobs.

      Carp all you want. I didn't by grapes for years either.
      • The cheap stuff

        @dgm9sf@... ravaging the economy

        Look it up, the Kindle is made in Japan just like the iPhone, iPad, and who knows how many other things. So it is pretty doubtful that you're doing anything more significant for the economy by buying Chinese made stuff somewhere other than WalMart.
  • RE: Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart

    I think personal attacks, and personal biases are NOT the stuff of understand the technology, the marketing thereof and our use of the products. So, children lets leave our negative personal biases unspoken, our joy in attacking our favorite targets, and become more positive in our enjoyment in life.
  • RE: Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart

    Of course Walmart must be attacked!
    They have to be doing something awful if they are successful. And I bet they're not paying their 'fair share' so that the victimized drones in society can get their sociology degrees, and someday become Diversity Officers at the non-profit flavor of the month.....(Of course, Apple is different....their profits are socially acceptable...)
  • Walmart??

    Maybe Im being naive!
    WHy do some people "hate" Walmart?
    • RE: Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart

      Many Walmart products are made in foreign countries and when Sam Walton was alive it was much more American made which meant jobs here rather that in other countries.
    • RE: Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart

      * In many areas, Walmart started by cutting special deals with the local authorities (no water bills, lower taxes, etc.) This is demonstratively bad for everyone else.
      * In many areas, Walmart is very aggressively using mystery shoppers to discover local prices... yet corporate policy forbids mystery shoppers from doing the same AT Walmart.
      * In areas where Walmart is the sole surviving retailer, prices at Walmart are often higher than their former competitors had been.
      * Walmart is infamous for not keeping popular, well-selling items in stock, preferring instead to switch to items that cost the consumer more, so they can make more profit.
      * As most Walmart associates can tell you, overtime is forbidden. Period. Even if the management is the reason overtime is required! They've been sued over this one more than once. You'd think they'd learn that employees working off-the-clock is not legal!
      * Way too many people working for Walmart still make way less than they would at any other store for the same period of employment.

      All in all, Walmart is a losing preposition for any area that permits them in. I should know. I worked at Walmart back in 2000, and am (very) reluctantly considering getting back on with them now.
      Raymond Danner
  • hahahaaaaaa....!! We've been had!

    All I find under Kindle is accessories... !!!!
  • RE: Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart


    I am not agreeing or disagreeing with you, however, I have spoken to several Wal-Mart employees, and I have yet to find one that has made any disparaging comments about them. For all the bad publicity they get, I find this little tidbit interesting....just saying.
  • RE: Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart

    this sure helps me, all this bashing on walmart, that tells me alot about the kindle. get a life jackasses
  • RE: Looking for a Kindle? Go to Walmart

    looked at the kindle in Walmart today