Microsoft eyes students, offers free Xbox with purchase of Windows PC

Microsoft eyes students, offers free Xbox with purchase of Windows PC

Summary: Microsoft's is once again offering students a free Xbox with the purchase of a qualifying Windows PC.


Last year, Microsoft made students an extremely enticing offer: Buy a Windows computer and get a free Xbox 360 for absolutely nothing.

Fortunately for the next round of college students, the program is returning this year in a largely similar form. Buy a Windows PC worth $699 ($599 in Canada) or more, get a free 4GB Xbox 360. The deal starts May 20th and can be redeemed at retailers like Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, and New Egg. (Canadians can take advantage of the offer starting today.)

Microsoft, has been very busy trying to get as many people plugged into its Xbox 360 ecosystem as possible. Its most recent and most interesting attempt came earlier this month when the company announced $99, subscription-subsided Xbox bundle.

There's no mention of when new student deal ends, but it's likely to extend well into the summer.

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  • this is monopoly maintenance

    it hurts consumers and competition alike.
    The DoJ should investigate!
    The Linux Geek
    • I had no idea XBox was a monopoly

      And given the rise of tablets and new forms of competition*, and charts showing the decline of IE, your claim of "monopoly maintenance" is not as much erroneous as it is amusing.

      * competition based on Linux and FreeBSD (Android and iOS respectively), leeching off of open source to cut costs... I'm glad I never developed for open source for $0.00...
      • Look! Over there! A unicorn!

        [ul][i]I had no idea XBox was a monopoly[/i][/ul]You probably have no idea that Windows is a monopoly, either.

        Not that I have any love for The Linux Geek, but I think his point was that this is a classic example of the behavior that used to get Microsoft into antitrust difficulties. The marketeers sit around the table and ask, "How can we use our monopoly in desktop operating systems to either sell other stuff, or to stick a knife in other people who are selling stuff just so we can watch them bleed?"

        With the consumerization of tech, I don't think it matters anymore because now The Other Guys can play too. "Buy a Macbook Air and get a free iPod Touch. Buy a Galaxy S III and get a free HDTV."

        This isn't the 1990's. Challenging Apple or Samsung to a bleeding contest is not something puny Microsoft should be doing.
        Robert Hahn
      • @Robert Hahn


        Windows is arguably a monopoly, but I run Macs and never completely noticed, apart from Microsoft's tactics that are "just business".

        With the consumerization of technology, whatever that means since such companies have been around for decades to buy electronic junk from and they were consumer goods to begin with, what's changed... except for how expensive the y is in the "buy x get y free" equation...

        Apple has done the "Students:Buy a Mac and get an ipod touch" trick in the past well. Not seeing your point in mentioning that, especially as you wrote it implying Apple hasn't yet done anything like that...

        And thanks to "capitalism" and "competition", now Apple - if it wants to play the game - can now put out something more than a puny token ipod touch for future endeavors. If Apple wants to. I doubt it feels the need, since it didn't always do so in the past.

        But I haven't found anything online about buying a Samsung Galaxy III and getting a free HDTV, but if you have a link pointing out such a promotion...

        And it's a free market. Let them have fun with every knife, fork, and spoon in the kitchen for all we could care. All it does is benefit us, the customers, right? Besides, it's not our knife fight. It's theirs. We're just the customers, bleeding or otherwise... So enjoy it. Nobody owes you anything, so don't expect laws or regulations to come about to protect you or anyone else from their game.

        Oh, how much of my response is sarcasm or otherwise is solely for peoples' entertainment.
  • Beautiful

    This beats the $99 deal by a wide margin. I may have to update my home PC just to get an Xbox.
    Your Non Advocate
    • If you're a student

      I don't suppose I can take advantage of that offer as I am unable to prove in anyway that I am a student (as I am not).
      • You are a student of life

        It is up to MS to prove otherwise.
      • Not really


        You have to provide an "@***.edu" email address or a student ID to show that you're a student.
    • Having recently bought a XBox w/Kinect

      and wanting to build a PC for virtual server use and multimedia, I might go this route instead.
  • Good Deal

    Do you have to be a full time student or would just taking a class or 2 suffice? I would be tempted to sign up for a couple of on-line classes to get the deal.
    • Microsoft eyes students

      Student ID.
      • Why should Apple and Google

        be the only ones with the students portfolio in their databases?
        Tim Cook
      • @Mister Spock??

        What does Apple and Google, have to to do with the article about Microsoft, Students and Xbox

        Try another logical point..
  • Interesting....

    I am definitely not a student [some gray hair] and yet while at Best Buy in Canada, one of those "technology experts" [ya, right] said if I bought a Samsung laptop, I could still get an Xbox. Hmmmm.
  • One UI to rule them all

    Finally updated my Xbox/Kinect the other day, fired it up and found another Metro UI that let me talk to my television and use gestures for selection (just like those expensive new TVs). I could also stream videos and movies and it even had a soon to be obsolete optical drive for the rare times I used DvDs. The Xbox hasn't just been about games for quite a while. The software development has also been leaping ahead as I compared the early dance games (still miles ahead of the other consoles with their need to hold controllers) with essentially cartoon rendering, to the new fitness "games" that provide rendered 3D versions of yourself in a 3D space with full skeletal mapping and feedback.

    The more Xbox/Kinects MS puts in loungerooms means even more people get used to a Metro like interface, that is already on phones and will spread to PCs, laptops, convertibles and tablets on the release of Win 8.

    I expect more deals will appear and the price will keep dropping ;-)
    • That's a glib generalization

      I use the Xbox 360 w/Kinect, tolerate the interface, but it's not compelling me to put it on my Macs, Motorola Droid RAZR, or anything else out of "conformity", "ease of use", or anything else.

      Which 3D fitness games do you refer to? Full names are cool, as one can look up reviews and find out how good they actually are... ;)
  • note the 4GB space. The proprietary HDD don't come cheap.

    It's a free 4GB xbox 360. Does this come with Kinnect? Even if it did Xbox Live user would need to purchase a larger HDD. This proprietary addon does not run cheap even when HDD prices are relatively low.

    hey get them their. plus MS has no confidence in their PC gaming. Other than MMORPGs, RTS games, amd Diablo II and III. The PC gaming community pales in comparison to Xbox Live.
  • Show Me A Real Deal!

    Throw in a 250GB system w/ 2 games, 2 controllers and a HDMI cable. And don???t forget to add 1 full year of Xbox Live.