Microsoft's "Mango" Win 7 phone geared for Enterprise users

Microsoft's "Mango" Win 7 phone geared for Enterprise users

Summary: The "Mango" update includes support for hidden corporate Wi-Fi networks to please your IT department, and pinnable email folder shortcuts to help your staff be more productive.


Companies that are shopping for a new corporate phone for its workforce just got an other fruit option: the Windows 7 phone with the "Mango" update, which will be available later this year.

At the Microsoft TechEd 2011 conference in Atlanta and on the Windows Phone Blog, Microsoft shared some of the upcoming features to be included in "Mango" that makes the Windows phone more business-friendly.

Enterprise IT departments will be most excited about the new features such as:

  • Complex (alpha-numeric) password support
  • Information Rights Management support for protecting e-mails and Office documents
  • Support for access to hidden corporate Wi-Fi networks so users won't need to use an app to uncover those access points

Users, on the other hand, can look forward to:

  • Improved "copy and paste" function: According to Priyanka Singhal, Windows Phone's program manager, "In Mango, when you tap on copy you get a sound, so that people get more sense of success. We’re tweaking the look and feel of the buttons and making some UI [user interface] improvements to make sure it’s more clear that multiple paste is possible."
  • Pinnable email folders: Create a shortcut to messaged on the start screen for quick access. This could be an email folder for a specific project, from a specific group or person (like your boss), or an RSS feed you’ve set up in Outlook.
  • Server search: Access emails that no longer exist on your phone but are only available on the server (e.g. Exchange Server).
  • Lync: Lync Mobile connects colleagues through Instant Messenge and video chat. The Lync app will be a free download from Windows Phone Marketplace and will be enabled with support from your business organization.
  • Share documents in the cloud: Collaborate on work more easily by sharing Office documents through Office 365 and Windows Live SkyDrive, which ensures everyone will have access to the latest documents when and where they need them.
  • Conversation view in Outlook: Emails will be organized by conversation threads in Outlook (like Gmail, though I am not a fan of the style), rather than individual messages as they arrive in the inbox.

Judging from the screenshots released, I must say I like the look of the minimalist design and clean interface. Although it is too soon for the Win 7 phone to offer any updates that integrate Skype with its device, a future update would probably include an amalgamation of Lync Mobile and Skype.
What do you think? What would you like to see you in your "Mango"?

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  • RE: Microsoft's

    Device encryption is a must have for most large enterprises.
    • RE: Microsoft's


      Considering MA-CMR-17-A requires encryption WP7 is useless for enterprise until it supports it.

      You also have little / no management of the device. Strong password is great but much more needed to match iOS let alone RIM.
    • RE: Microsoft's

      @sharkboyjohn The problem I see is that MS has a history of producing their own version and features of every third party product that does remotely well. Like it uses developers to innovate then throws money at the idea to push it out of the market. That being the case, why would anyone continue to develop anything for WP7? Not to mention that these are not some critical function nobody else offers, it's the bear minimum WP7 will need to compete with RIM and Android.
  • RE: Microsoft's

    I can't wait when newer windows phone models will have video chat capabilites with front face camera. I know skype will come in handy on this. Hurry windows 7 have new phones soon with this feature. I am glad i stick to windows phone through out the years
    • RE: Microsoft's


      For the moment do your video chat in front of a mirror ;-)
      • RE: Microsoft's

        @tonymcs@ be quiet troll at least once skype gets integrated and newer win phone 7 models arrives at lease i will be able video chat with 4G not like your junk iphone facetime using wifi only LOL... Maybe you can look at yourself in mirror using your junk iphone and say mirror mirror on wall when will we have 4G and skype for better video chat hahahah I win...
      • RE: Microsoft's

        @tonymcs@... Also troll how's steve job watching you on your iphone? did he track you in the bathroom of your location? LOL... stupid apple troll. Play with your cheap iphone location tracker because Big brother cult leader wants to know where you are located at.
    • RE: Microsoft's

      @ipadsucks For having the name "iPad sucks", you sure get excited over even the remotest possibility of WP7 offering the same features. If you had an iPad you would have the front facing camera, Skype and many other VoIP products, encrypted wireless, cloud support, Outlook support, and copy and paste. Would it help you if I just stuck a WP7 sticker over the apple logo?
      • RE: Microsoft's

        that's what i did to my iphone4 and ipad (sticking MS logos) :))
      • RE: Microsoft's

        With an iPad, you also have two more things compared to a Windows phone - an empty wallet and a sore shoulder.
      • RE: Microsoft's

        @Socratesfoot Listen Troll ipad does suck! that piece of junk cant even connect other devices. DOnt be jealous just because windows phone 7 is having all these great updates and also acquired Skype. Go videochat your cheap wifi facetime and fix your gliche iphone troll...
      • You must not have used a WP7

        @Socratesfoot Except for the front facing camera which is HW maker decision, I have all that on my WP7 already
  • Chris Kattan... SNL...

    I can't hear mango without immediately thinking of Chris Kattan's SNL days... Kinda fitting for microsoft's latest ruse... LOL
  • WP can't be an enterprise device without device level encryption.

    Without that, it doesn't have a prayer of unseating Blackberry from the corporate board room.