Motorola announces kid-friendly Xoom Family Edition

Motorola announces kid-friendly Xoom Family Edition

Summary: Nearly identical to the original Xoom, Motorola's latest tablet is built with kids in mind.


Another day, another Android tablet.

The latest is Motorola's Xoom Family Edition, a $379 tablet that offers a few upgrades over the original Xoom at a reduced price.

Featuring a 1Ghz dual-core processor, 10.1-inch display, and 720p-enabled 5-megapixel camera, the Xoom Family Edition is more or less identical to the original Xoom. Storage, however, has taken a big hit, with Motorola slashing the original Xoom's 32GB drive to 16GB on the newer device.

Storage issues aside, the device's biggest pull will probably be the $40 worth of apps that it comes preinstalled with. These apps range from games like Asphalt 6 and SimCity Deluxe to the child-friendly Zoodles, which allows parents to limit their kids' access to apps.

The Xoom Family Edition will be available on October 16 solely at Best Buy.

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