Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

Summary: Getting the hint, Motorola is finally dropping the price of the 32GB Wi-Fi Xoom to $499.


The market hasn't been very kind to Motorola and its Xoom tablet. But Motorola is trying to make things better, starting now by dropping the price of the 32 GB Xoom Wi-Fi by $100, to $499.

But will the price drop make a difference? Considering competing tablets like the TouchPad, iPad, and PlayBook all come in $500 varieties, it's something of a surprise that it's taken Motorola this long to follow suit. While the Xoom still has its stuggles ahead of it, a drop in price certain doesn't hurt.

The next step? Getting those 4G upgrades out to owners.


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  • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

    Android tabs are a waste of money.

    Will wait for the mighty Windows 8, where one can do real computing.
    • Hahahaha! Good joke!

      The mighty copier hasn't had much luck the last 10 years!
      • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

        And when the 'might copier' even had more of a monopoly than it does today, computer innovation was stagnate, for well over 10 years. We have all these wonderful gadgets due to others not Microsoft. Don't feed the 'mighty copier' anymore.
  • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

    Damn... 32GB tablet for $500, that's a steal.
    • Or much better hardware design and software platform for $500 is a steal --

      @Droid101: ... -- I mean iPad 2. Public, most likely, will find this "steal" to be "stealer" despite these huge marketing money Motorola spent on showing robots on TV.

      More seriously, Motorola needs to release updated machine.
  • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

    Might consider it if they increase the number of available apps by about 100,000, figure out how to provide a consistent experience across apps, and lower their price by another $100.
    • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

      @dawagner1@... This is exactly why I gave up on the wait game and bought an iPad2. I realized until a competitor sold enough units to attract programmers, there would be little in the way of a wide selection of apps for any of these devices. It could take years for them to catch up to Apple app wise.
      • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

        @nuttob I had an iPad2 and sold it about 2 weeks ago and got an Asus Transformer. I have been so happy with that decision. Not only did I save $100 (I bought the keyboard dock with it), but I also get a vastly superior device with built in micro HDMI, Micro SD, full size SD, and 2 USB ports. I have already used them all. With the keyboard dock the transformer has about 15 hours of battery life. It seriously rocks and I love it.
    • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

      because you download and install 100,00 apps right?
  • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

    It took them way too long. IF they did that 2 months ago I would of purchased a Xoom instead of a Playbook
  • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

    I just don't see it. For a tablet that has had so many issues, to come in at this price, now... Sadly... I'd rather buy an iPad. Luckily, I'm in no rush so I'll still be waiting for some real competition before making a purchase.
    • Just get an ipad now

      why deprive yourself of the "awesomeness", get an ipad2 now. what are you waiting for? IOS5 is coming out fairly soon and it will be even better. I love my ipad. I use it every single day, it's pretty darn cool.
      • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100


        Better screen resolution. If there's one thing a myriad of competitors got right it was that. Having owned a few iPads, and also having an iPhone 4 and other high resolution devices, the iPad almost hurts my eyes with its massively pixelated display. iPad 3 should remedy this and for me, that makes it worth the wait, even if most apps will need to take a while to catch up.
  • Xooms not being updated outside the US

    Motorola provided 3.1 updates for US Xoom owners back in May, but have not provided the update for Canada, Europe and other major markets. Customers are quite upset. As a Xoom owner, I suggest you look at the Samsung Galaxy instead.
    • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

      @alsw Yeah it certainly sucks that Canada is on the backburner here. We are hoping that when the US gets the update to 3.2 we will as well. If we don't it will be a cold day in hell before I buy motorola again. I must be one of those upset customers...LOL
  • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

    It won't save XOOM sales. Get a Transformer and be done with it.
  • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

    Still about $250 too much for a tablet.
    • And you figure prices how?

      Pull the number out of thin air? No wonder your not in business.
      • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

        @GoPower If it was anyone else I'd say they were comparing it to the Nook Color which makes a neat Android tablet once it's rooted, but I doubt that's what he had in mind!
      • RE: Motorola slashes the Xoom's price by $100

        Actually I'd agree that $250 is about right for a low powered, minimalist device. I'm personally not interested in spending much more than 300 on something like a tablet. Actually I'm not really interested in tablets, although a Win8 one might be interesting...