Motorola's new Lapdock 100 works with Photon 4G, Atrix 2

Motorola's new Lapdock 100 works with Photon 4G, Atrix 2

Summary: Motorola's latest Lapdock is compatible with Webtop-enabled phones both present and future.

TOPICS: Mobility, Telcos

If there is one thing we've learned about Motorola recently, it's that the company has a habit of annoucing new versions of products it released painfully recently. And its Lapdock is no exception.

Motorola's Lapdock 100 is fairly similar to its predecessors. The device features a 10.1-inch screen, dedicated Android buttons, and a pair of USB ports. Weighing  2.2-pounds, Lapdock 100 is roughly the same weight as Asus's Ultrabook.

More interesting is that Mototorola has made a big change in how phones connect to the Lapdock. Whereas dedicated Lapdocks for the Atrix and Droid Bionic severely limited the number of devices that could attach to them, Motorola decided to go a different direction with the Lapdock 100. Devices now connect to the Lapdock via a cable, a move that greatly expands the number of phones the device can be used with. This includes both the Photon 4G and recently-announced Atrix 2. The Lapdock 100 will also be compatable with future webtop-enabled devices, making the device fairly future-proof, at least in the short term.

There's no price point for the Lapdock 100 just yet, but if it's priced anywhere near its predecessors, it won't be cheap. Expect it online via AT&T on October 17th.

Topics: Mobility, Telcos

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  • It's about time Motorola

    Does something like this! Now hopefully they will make it backward compatible with Bionic too. But then they will probably charge $100 for the cable.....
  • RE: Motorola's new Lapdock 100 works with Photon 4G, Atrix 2

    For what it is worth, we plugged a Droid X2 into the LapDock for the Bionic and it worked. We thought it might be as simple as the usb and hdmi connectors lining up, but a Droid X earlier model fit, but didn't connect.

    I own a LapDock for my Bionic and find it just useful enough to make me keep playing with it, but it has a lot of rough edges including the fact that not all apps on the Bionic can be cajoled into full screen mode on the LapDock.

    I wish Motorola would invest just a bit more into the Webtop and polish it. Along this thought, I think that the cable hanging off the side is the wrong direction. Everyone who looks at my setup asks "why doesn't the phone fit inside". It looks kludgy and walking around with the phone hanging from a cable doesn't even sound possible.
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  • Lapdock 100 is compatible with any other android phones.

    Like this gadget and i would like to use this with my HTC sensation.
    Could you please let me know whether this compatible with my phone. If no, is there any other Lapdock whiich works similar to this