MSI WindPad 100 photos and details released

MSI WindPad 100 photos and details released

Summary: After being unveiled at Computex earlier this year, there hasn't been much talk about the MSI WindPad 100 tablet computer...until now.


After being unveiled at Computex earlier this year, there hasn't been much talk about the MSI WindPad 100 tablet computer...until now.

Some official press photos and additional details regarding the WindPad 100 have hit the web recently, and here's a compilation of the spec details known now:

  • 10.1-inch touchscreen display
  • Intel Atom Z530 processor
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 32GB solid state drive
  • Dock connectivity: Two USB 2.0 ports, LAN, VGA, HDMI, audio ports

Unfortunately, no word on pricing or availability yet. Yet MSI does have at least one more appearance scheduled for the WindPad 100 at IFA 2010 in Berlin next month. Maybe then we'll hear something about a release date, which is hopefully before the end of this year.

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  • RE: MSI WindPad 100 photos and details released

    I wonder why this reminds me of another product release that has gone ...
  • Specs FAIL

    I'm not sure how many people will be raving about this thing once they get it in their hands. The Z530 Atom is a craptastic CPU that was also in the Sony VAIO P, and you can read plenty of reviews that lambast its performance. The Z series Atom's are outdated and couldn't meet the Windows Premium WHQL certifications. The US15W chipset that accompanies them doesn't even do Aero fast enough so that Windows won't complain about the performance and recommend that you turn it off. The VAIO P shipped with Vista Basic for this very reason. The Z series Atoms should be avoided on anything except the most basic PDA-style device. It can't multitask worth a wet fart, and multimedia is a joke on it. Honestly, after using a few Z-series Atom systems with Windows Vista, XP, and even 7 (with and without themes turned on), I can confidently tell you upfront without even seeing it that this device won't hold a candle to the performance of the iPad. It's an apples-to-oranges comparison, I know, but the thing is, the iPad takes 23 seconds to boot from power off (I timed mine - a 16GB WiFi only). You can't say that about any Windows 7 netbook system with an Atom-Z. Not only that, but apps are fast to load up, even if you can't multitask on it. It's a simpler device than a computer, but not hugely less powerful.

    I would rather see a tablet with Windows Embedded, designed for ARM. It's Windows, kinda, but it's designed for instant-on appliance-style applications. I don't think people are looking for x86 (read: desktop PC) complexity in this type of device. Desktop and laptop PC's are a different breed from devices like tablets and handhelds. Likewise, I'd hate to see Apple try to port iOS over to a conventional Mac.
    • Boot and load time comparison non sequitor

      @Joe_Raby You're comparing boot times between the iPad's SRAM and a low end netbook's 5400rpm hard drive?? You'll see a more comparable boot time for Win7 on the Atom from the solid state drive this device has. App load times will be similary drastically reduced.
      • RE: MSI WindPad 100 photos and details released

        I had a tablet, 1ghz Tegra2, Android 2.2. But i was fighting with drivers for my USB 3G Modem, and i wasn't able to upgrade to latest android build, as nobody could compile the drivers to work with that etc. So i just got pissed and dreamed about Win7 for it. As i could then use both my USB 3G Modem without trouble and my BearExtender and everything else. I'm gonna buy the MSI one if they manage to get it here. Though i am concerned how much space will be left once Windows 7 has been installed on it. Btw here is another article which gives details about the WindPad:
  • RE: MSI WindPad 100 photos and details released

    I have a MSI CR400 laptop which came with Windows 7 but I threw that OS out and installed Ubuntu Linux. The laptop's performance is now excellent and I would happily consider MSI WindPad with the upcoming Ubuntu Linux for Tablets.