Netflix heading to Canada this fall

Netflix heading to Canada this fall

Summary: Netflix has finally granted access to its popular streaming service to another country. The lucky winner? Canada.

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Netflix has finally granted access to its popular streaming service to another country. The lucky winner? Canada.

As to when the launch will actually take place up north remains to be specified, but there is a new Netflix-Canada landing page online now. If you live in Canada and are interested in the service, you can already sign up to receive updates and more information.

It's great to see Netflix expanding its movie and TV rental service abroad. If only we could access Netflix and stream movies online while traveling internationally as well. One can dream, right?

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  • Now if only Netflix could be more consistent with what they stream

    My wife became interested in American Gothic when there was a mini-marathon a few weeks back. She missed the first episodes and wanted to see them.

    Since Netflix showed that all discs of the show were available to be streamed, I put them all in my queue. Imagine my surprise when I found out that only some of the episodes on each disc were actually available. The first episode was not one of the ones available for streaming.

    So Netflix had to spend money to send me physical media instead.
    • RE: Netflix heading to Canada this fall


      I know the studio that released the disc is who controls what netflix can stream. It is not uncommon for some episodes to be disc only
      • Not necessarily blaming Netflix


        However, were I in charge of Netflix, I would not permit entire discs to be shown as available for streaming when only certain episodes from the disc were actually available. I would explain to the studio that either all or none will be available for streaming.

        It makes no more sense to me than walking into a bookstore and seeing that books 2 thru 5 of a series are available while book 1 is out of print. It's not the store's fault that book 1 isn't available, but it is their problem.
  • What took so long?

    They began the subscription service in 1999 and they're only just now announcing they're coming to Canada?

    And you wonder why we get pissed at you, or feel like bumpkins sometimes....
    Marc Erickson
  • RE: Netflix heading to Canada this fall

    I just signed up for the free trial. Seems like selection in Canada is very limited. Most of the TV shows are A&E shows, very few top shows like Lost, The Simpsons, etc. The shows come up with a search but are labelled as ?not available?. Movie selection seems mediocre as well.
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