Nintendo Wii launches Zelda bundle with gold controller, $69.99

Nintendo Wii launches Zelda bundle with gold controller, $69.99

Summary: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii goes on sale today. Will it be on your wish list this year?


Nintendo caps off a year-long Silver Anniversary celebration of the Zelda franchise with the official release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii today.

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Designed to take advantage of the extra precision the Wii MotionPlus attachment and controller affords, Skyward Sword lets you play as Link and engage in one-to-one sword fights using your Wii-Mote. Better yet, you could be waving a Triforce-powered gold Wii MotionPlus in front of your television -- if you manage to grab one of the limited edition bundles before they sell out.

Whether you buy just the game or the box set, the first production run/shipment will include a music CD that features some of the franchise's most iconic pieces, performed by an orchestral. After all, Zelda's epic score is as much a part of the cannon's DNA as its gold game cartridges.

The game plus music CD retails for $49.99 while the box set with the gold Wii-mote with MotionPlus, game and music CD will set you back $69.99. You could try your luck for these items on Black Friday to possibly shave a few dollars off but you would have to fight the crazy crowds for the minimal savings. Or you could already be playing Skyward Sword on Black Friday...

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  • Only a few more days for me

    Wii's are zone protected, I bought that Wii in Europe, so I had to order the Euro zone game.

    It's a pity they permit region coding, because I think parallel importing should be legal, and region coding should be illegal as they're both free trade to keep the price down.

    Europeans should not have to pay more that the world price for any goods or services. The EU should not have created a law disadvantaging its own people.

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    It gets investors to buy equations(derivatives), paying them out by borrowing against other investors money. Taking a hefty fee along the way.
    At some point it will always collapse because nothing of value is created, it is a zero sum. The growth in Wallstreet is the growth in the Federal reserve multiplier, the Fed creates the money from thin air, letting ponzi scheme go on forever with magic money from nowhere paying out the winnings.
    That is how a single Fund Manager can make $8 *Billion* in fees alone.
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