Nintendo Wii to start streaming Netflix this spring

Nintendo Wii to start streaming Netflix this spring

Summary: Netflix is continuing to take over every aspect of your home entertainment set-up: Nintendo Wii will soon be able to stream the online rental service as well.

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Netflix is continuing to take over every aspect of your home entertainment set-up: Nintendo Wii will soon be able to stream the online rental service as well.

The Wii is the third gaming console to get power of instantly streaming TV shows and movies from the Netflix catalog, right behind the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.

As of right now, we only know that the service will launch this spring, but no exact date has been given. As for costs, Wii owners who already have a Netflix subscription are set and don't need to worry about extra fees (yet).

To connect to Netflix from the Wii, all owners will have to do is get a special "instant-streaming" disc from Netflix, which will also be mailed out in the next few months. Then using the Wii controller, they can connect to their Netflix account and queue.

Sounds simple, and if I had a Wii, I'd definitely be up for this. Considering Netflix has gained its way into the top three gaming consoles, some settop boxes, and Blu-ray players, one can only wonder where Netflix will pop up next. iPods? Smartphones? Handheld gaming systems? We'll have to wait and see.

Topic: Mobility

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  • Not That Great

    The Wii's output is only good for 480p, not great for movie viewing. I'll just stick with my Roku or PS3 for Netflix.
    • Yes, that great!

      I've played videos on the Wii from Nintendo
      Channel on our 32" LCD and 42 Plasma and they look
      great in 480 progressive.
    • Huh?

      DVDs are 480p so what's the difference? Yes, you can upconvert and make it a little better but it's still not true HD. And the content tagged as "HD" on streaming/download services (e.g. iTunes, Xbox Live, the little bit of HD content on Netflix) is so compressed that it's typically got an even lower bitrate than a 480p DVD and doesn't look much better even though it's technically got a higher resolution. Plus the audio is generally inferior.

      Don't get me wrong- I'm a frequent user of Netflix streaming and I love it. It got me hooked on Dexter. ;-) But if I'm really concerned about video and audio quality I have them send me the blu-ray. IMO blu-ray/HD-DVD or broadcast TV are the only places that high definition really stands out over 480p DVD content. At this point there's just too much compression used in most streamed/downloaded content to really consider it HD.
  • That may only be temporary,

    as rumors of the next Wii refresh will bring with it HD capability, but that is only rumor.

    It is also great for consumers who have a Wii but not the xbox 360 or ps3.

    One real advantage that the ps3 and wii would have in this regard over xbox 360 is the gold membership requirement to use the app, although the native app in 360 is nice, and more user friendly, still sucks having to pay $50 per year just to use it, which is the stupidest requirement ever. It doesn't effect me too much as I game online, and pay the fee anyway. But it really sucks for those who don't play online.
  • RE: Nintendo Wii to start streaming Netflix this spring

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