Nokia N900 gets a firmware update this week - again

Nokia N900 gets a firmware update this week - again

Summary: Nokia is developing a bit of a perfectionist attitude, releasing a second firmware update to the N900 smartphone in the same week!

TOPICS: Software, Nokia

Nokia is developing a bit of a perfectionist attitude, releasing a second firmware update to the N900 smartphone in the same week!

Apparently the earlier release was just "minor," (something about better compatibility with the Ovi Store) so let's see what N900 users will really be getting now:

  • Mail for Exchange now works with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
  • Improved compatibility with 3-branded SIM cards
  • Support for Swiss keyboard layout
  • Ovi Maps: performance and route calculation improvements

Not bad for a firmware update. Would anyone want to see anything else on this list?

Rolling out around the world over the next day, users will be notified that the update is available for download either over the air or via PC download, whichever they prefer.

Topics: Software, Nokia

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  • Nokia N900 still stinks.....

    There are countless software plus design flaws in N900, it's weight is 7 ounces and thickessis more than macbook pro which is unacceptable in first place. I see Nokia's future will be like Siemens Mobile.
    By the way siemens used to make mobile phones.
    • ?

      have you tried it? its the best all around
      smartphone on the market today. go back to your
      iphone apple fanboy.
    • Are you crazy?

      Maybe I'm biased as I've used mobile phones nearly 20 years, so I started with a phone you could barely fit in your pocket. The N900 is far smaller than those days. It's thickness feels good in the hand, and is due to it having a full keyboard, something many other phones lack, and which is definitely worth the extra thickness.

      Can't see that the thickness is a design flaw. More a choice. Maybe some people like super thin phones purely for the looks - but the N900 is substance over style. If you want functionality, power, flexibility etc this is the phone you want. If you're willing to sacrifice some of this for looks you might be happy with an iphone instead.
      Software flaws - what are these? I've not noticed anything major myself...we've had two automatic updates already fixing some issues. These updates are simplicity itself to install - although this last one was BIG, but if done through wi-fi thats not an issue. I'm sure any real issues will be very shortly addressed in further updates. No other phone I've used has been this easy to update.

      I think the other posters question "have you used it?" is very relevant here...I have and it beats anything I've seen / used to date, but to be fair to the others I haven't used them as extensively as the n900
    • Missed the point

      Well, as a 30 year veteran computer engineer who has actually *used* the N900, I've seen a *lot* to like and not much to dislike.

      The unit feels *very* solid and quality built - like HP products of old. The hi-res screen is brilliant, the UI is very responsive, and I've encountered few bugs (remarkable for "1.0" software). Photos and videos are of excellent quality. The hardware keyboard is excellent (can you say that about your iPhone? ;-) ).

      The FM transmitter is great, playing my podcasts over my car radio static-free. And it's great to have Flash in the browser (can you say that about your iPhone? ;-) )

      It's great to have my favorite apps from the desktop on my phone - like the Free42 HPesque programmable calculator, and games like Hex-a-Hop and Crimson Field and NetHack / Vulture's Eye (though Bounce Evolution is the one that gets "oohs" and "ahhs" from the crowd). I tried Firefox (can you say that about your iPhone? ;-) ), but it wasn't as zippy as the native browser.

      I just started moving my Python libraries over yesterday for some light on-the-go hacking (can you say that... oh, never mind!).

      Yes, I love this phone! :-D
  • RE: Nokia N900 gets a firmware update this week - again

    When I closed applications this morning, I noticed some new eye candy - the window shrunk to the center and disappeared in a sparkle. Cute!

    My N900 also seems snappier this morning, though I could be imagining that (it certainly was no slouch yesterday).

    I was torn between the Android-based Cliq and its existing legion of apps, and the N900 and its outstanding potential. I've been exceptionally happy with my N900 thus far. Nokia got it right.
  • RE: Nokia N900 gets a firmware update this week - again

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