Nokia rolls out bicycle-powered charger kit for $18

Nokia rolls out bicycle-powered charger kit for $18

Summary: Nokia has debuted the Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit, transferring power from the work of your pedals directly to your mobile device.


Have you ever run out the door and realized you forgot to charge your phone? If you have a car, no problem. But what if you're planning to hop on your bike? Nokia wants to have you covered.

Nokia has debuted the Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit, transferring power from the work of your pedals directly to your mobile device. You'll be charging more than just your personal energy soon enough.

For €15 ($18), the kit will get you the Nokia Bicycle Charger DC-14, Nokia Phone Holder for Bicycle CR-124, and a Bottle Dynamo. In un-fancy terms, that's a charging station, a handlebar mount and an electric generator.

Basically, the generator starts charging the device when the bike rider hits a speed of at least 6km per hour and continues to charge up to 50km per hour - the equivalent of a normal charger.

With a 2mm charger jack ready, "any" Nokia device should be supported, including the upcoming Nokia N8. Although it's only available in developing markets to start, the Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit should be wheeling its way around the world before the end of the year.

Given it's relatively low price tag and being a useful accessory if you have a supported Nokia device, this gadget could do really well. Maybe it will even help cut down on a user's electric bill slightly as well. Would you pick one up?

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  • nifty.. i dont own a nokia.. so useless to me. Maybe make one with a mini?

    Then we could use it for any phone. Good for any city dweller who rides their bike to the office and needs a quick charge.

    Has to be easy to pop on and off the bike though... wouldnt want it disappearing while attached to a bike stand.
    • RE: Nokia rolls out bicycle-powered charger kit for 15/$18

      I think that's awesome and it encourages people to want to get out and be physical and active without leaving their Social life at home. lol I would totally use my bike that I got from They have sweet beach cruisers and other style bikes as well. Check them out to test the cool new phone charger.
  • E-WERK by Busch & M?ller

    The E-Work has cables to charge just about anything. rather pricey but gets the job done
  • HTC and Motorola, hurry up with that phone charger for bikes!!!

    I'd certainly want to have this. I better carry my backpack whenever I go, though, so I can put the charger in my backpack whenever I leave my bike and nobody can steal it.


    PS: I have a Huffy Cranbrook 26" Men bike. I am practicing my balancing skills, though. I'll neither ride my bike in the street nor the sidewalk until I gain enough experience riding my bike (well, I'll certainly ride in the road instead of the sidewalk if the traffic is not that busy, as I don't feel kind of safe riding my bike in a sidewalk since sidewalk is made for walking and I almost get ran over by cyclists riding in sidewalks). Sidewalks are very narrow, though, but I'll leave this discussion up in
    Grayson Peddie
  • A USB charger would be more usefull. Isn't europe switching to USB for all

    phone chargers?
    • I'd like that, too.

      @DonnieBoy, yes. I'd be happy to get a USB Charger that can go with my bike. It does not have to be from HTC or Motorola, but if I'm going to buy any of the phones, I'll have to avoid phones with proprietary ports.
      Grayson Peddie
  • RE: Nokia rolls out bicycle-powered charger kit for ?15/$18

    USB charger fer sher! Then I could charge my Garmin GPS en route.
  • Message has been deleted.