Nook iOS app updated with Retina visuals, dual-column reading

Nook iOS app updated with Retina visuals, dual-column reading

Summary: Barnes & Noble's Nook app joins the growing number of Retina display-ready updates announced in past few weeks.


Joining rival Amazon's Kindle App, Barnes & Noble has updated its Nook app for iOS.

Nook for iOS version 3.1.3 takes advantage of the latest iPad's oft-praised Retina display, which means, of course, sharper text and images. Barnes & Noble is also furnishing the iPad app with the ability to display text in one or two columns while in landscape mode.

Monday has been a big day for Retina-ready app updates. Facebook has also updated its own iOS app, bringing with it better visuals, bug fixes, and the ability to sign out of Facebook chat.

Seemingly every developer with an iOS app has announced an update in the wake of the new iPad's release. The New York Times, Skype, Netflix and many others have all recently issued updates in an effort to take advantage of the new Retina display and the hype surrounding it.

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  • What's the fuss about?

    Either it is extremely difficult to upgrade your iPad app to take advantage of the new resolution (in which case Apple really messed up with the API) or it is extremely easy to upgrade your iPad app to take advantage of the new resolution, especially if your app is 99% text, then this really isn't a big deal.

    In fact, I'm a little surprised that Apple's API would even require eReader app developers to change their apps. Clearly Apple's font API is resolution specific. How archaic.
    • And how unusual

      for you to take a stab at Apple in an article about Barnes and Noble. How out of character for you, how surprising of you, to take action like this, and of course how often you have to go around telling everyone how much you dislike anything Apple......

      It's old Todd, very old, how archaic of you.......
  • Links

    Why is it the majority of these types of articles never have a link to the actual item being discussed? Or did I miss it somehow?