Obama appears on in-game Xbox 360 advertisement

Obama appears on in-game Xbox 360 advertisement

Summary: See this screenshot of Xbox 360 racing game Burnout Paradise? What sticks out to you?


See this screenshot of Xbox 360 racing game Burnout Paradise? What sticks out to you?

Obama Ad (Xbox)

That's right -- Barack Obama is urging gamers to vote for change from the comfort of the game they're playing. According to Talking Points Memo and GigaOm, advertisers can buy space on the billboards in the game -- and yes, that's an official ad paid for by the campaign.

UPDATE 2:12PM: That's not all the political-tech news today. According to TechDirt, the McCain-Palin campaign has sent a letter to YouTube complaining about the site's unwillingness to consider fair use in videos before taking them down.

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  • Are you kidding me???

    Is there no end to that man's hubris?? I have to see his deceitful, lying, marxist mug on every news channel...and now in XBox in-game ads?? Time to send Baraq *Hussein* Obama back to Indonesia...or Kenya...or whatever country seeded him.
    • wow. seeds of hate.

      clearly, someone's parents didn't love him enough.
    • Your fear is showing...

      and it ain't pretty. As for "whatever country seeded him", there's only one person running for president this election who wasn't born inside the United States of America, and it wasn't Obama. If you're tired of seeing him, turn off the television and don't buy this game...problem solved. To go onto a public forum trying to propogate outright lies not only belittles you, it belittles humanity. Maybe you're not better than that, but most of us are.
    • LOL. Little Fella "tech boy" has me wondering

      ... just what does the "tech" in "Tech Boy" mean?

      Oh; I know! This would be the same "tech" that lead the Bush admin's handling of the internet. You know... like "how do they make the ice cream truck make that music mommy?"

      Um; Dood... it's a paid ad. Like, you know, with money. If McCain had any management skills he's still have a couple of bucks left to do this too. Alas; no skills, no bucks. Maybe he can sell some cool stuff on eBay to raise some moolah for ads on video games.
  • A game changer, literally (NT)

  • RE: Obama appears on in-game Xbox 360 advertisement

    As it would be too easy to be bias in this type of a
    situation as I am republican and against in game
    advertising, but I will do my best not to and be as
    fair as I can, unlike techboy_z's comment... great job
    kid, it'll be great to hear from you when you grow up.
    I digress...

    While in game advertising isn't my favorite thing, the
    ocassional billboard sporting the coke logo or
    something like that isn't such a bad idea. In most
    current-set games it would actually add to the realism
    of a city enviroment, not for games like Halo.

    But unlike political ads, coke will always be coke.
    Unless the ads in these games are able to be changed,
    i don't believe an Obama ad (or Macain for that
    matter) would be an appropriate thing to advertise.
    Its fine now, but come January, whether he's elected
    or not, these ads will no longer be appropriate and
    surely do not belong in a game that will most likely
    still be played.

    I do like how in game advertising gives companies the
    money they need to make the game great as they are
    becoming increasingly expensive. But (1) keep them on
    billboards and other appropriate places, not on the
    hero and (2)advertise something that will be relevant
    for as long as the game would be used
    • Temporary

      I believe that these ads are displayed while playing online and are temporary.

      • For those too lazy to follow the link...

        Here's the meat: "they are running on the Xbox Live versions of the game through Nov. 3". So these ads are only online and only active until Nov. 3rd. This should alleviate some of MrAwesome's issues. As long as the advertising is embedded in games not targeted towards children who haven't reached voting age yet, this seems to me to be a pretty savvy move. It certainly shows that Obama and his advisors understand how to leverage the digital age we're now living in. I would anticipate seeing a lot more of this in the future. If the ads stay tasteful, I say bring 'em on.
  • RE: Obama appears on in-game Xbox 360 advertisement

    These ads are delivered by a division of Microsoft called Massive which distributes in-game ads. Massive renewed in March 2008 a 2 years contract with Electronic Arts.