Obama: I'm a PC

Obama: I'm a PC

Summary: The "Apple Administration"?Don't hold your breath.


The "Apple Administration"?

Don't hold your breath.

Just because Obama's youthful staffers have a thing for Cupertino's favorite company doesn't mean the Commander-in-Chief does.

On the tails of news that Intel has committed to spending $7 billion in the U.S. -- apparently at Barack Obama's request, no less -- it seems that Obama has, too, admitted that yes, he is indeed a PC.

The news comes via Intel CEO Paul Otellini, who says he learned it from Obama first-hand.

Computerworld reports:

Otellini said Obama called him last night to congratulate him on company’s decision. The president "reminded me that he sees the Intel logo every morning when he opens up his laptop; I was pleased to hear that," he noted.

Of course, Apple products -- particularly their Macbooks -- are based on Intel chips, too. But none of them advertise that fact the way that Windows machines do. I imagine the shiny little stickers don't jive very well with the Apple design aesthetic.

With that question answered, I ask you just one more, by way of MediaMemo's Peter Kafka: So what OS do you think Obama uses?

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  • The difference in attitudes is amazing to me

    While the entire PC world goes [i]Huh? Who cares what anyone else uses, I buy and use what works best for me![/i], the entire Mac world goes on an emotional rollercoaster when first they find that Obama is a Mac (thus justifying their own purchasing decision which, if it requires justification, must not have been made with a lot of confidence) and they all cheer and dance and laugh and hug to total depression now that it turns out Obama uses what's best... [b]not[/b] a Mac.

    Cue the Apple apologists 3... 2... 1...
    • You are absolutely right!

      Apple fans are acting the way they do because they are trying to defend their egos from a realization that they paid too much for a computer.
      • Many PC's are priced higher than Macs

        And yet you don't make the statement about those that buy them.
        • re: Many PC's are priced higher than Macs

          Mainly because they get bigger/faster hard drives, faster procs, more memory at better bus speeds and architecture, better video cards and, in the case of most desktops, far more expandability... all for around the same price, if not far less, that its Mac counterpart.
          • Nope

            Apple is very competitive when specced out with similar machines.
            This has been demonstrated so often that maintaining otherwise
            proclaims you either ignorant or dishonest.

            The original poster's point therefore stands.

            Which leads to the more logical conclusion that it is a certain subset of
            Windows users who feel threatened by Mac users. Probably in the
            same way they were threatened by the cool crowd in high school.

            Personally, I suspect a lot of it has to do with the fact that Mac users
            can get a girl up to their apartment to look at their new computer.
          • You aren't normally worthy of a reply but I can't resist

            [i]Personally, I suspect a lot of it has to do with the fact that Mac users can get a girl up to their apartment to look at their new computer.[/i]

            Hehe, this highlights another difference between Mac and PC. Mac users bring girls up to their apartments to look at their Macs. PC users bring girls up to their apartments to participate in more... pleasurable activities. ;)
          • Mac User: Wanna come up to see my huge hard drive...

            ...Girl: I do not see a huge hard drive but I can play with your mouse.
          • Girl: I do not see a huge hard drive but I can play with your mouse.

            ...which still won't make the software into hardware...ultimately leaving her keyBORED.
          • hmm

            [i]Apple is very competitive when specced out with similar machines.This has been demonstrated so often that maintaining otherwiseproclaims you either ignorant or dishonest.[/i]


            You might be right, if I could find a comparable machine. For instance:

            The iMac 24" 3.06 ghz machine $2199
            Core 2 Duo
            2GB Ram
            500 GB HDD
            nVidia 8800


            The Dell XPS One 24" Quad Core $1899

            Quad Core 8200
            4GB Ram
            750 GB HDD
            nVidia 9600


            The Dell and iMac are both All in ones.
            The Dell has a Quad Core processor as opposed to the iMac's Dual Core.
            The Dell has 2GB more RAM
            The Dell has 250GB more Storage
            The Dell has a faster video card
            The Dell is $300 less.

            I'm sorry, what were you saying again?
            Oh I know, I'm either ignorant or dishonest.... or was that you?
          • You are right on

            The problems with Mac users:
            1. They have more money then brain
            2. They think because they own a overprice piece of very cheap plastic, it make them better then you
            3. Extremly low IQ (something in the lower single IQ) brainshased Zombies who need to have a someone esle makeing the decision for them.
            4. Like Monopoly, poor service, subpar hardware and more DRM built in then any other piece of technology out there.

            in one world: Mac users are profonds idiots and Apple have found a way to pluck those pigeons for more then 25 years.
          • Sometimes apple compares OK on a sticker price, but skins you on extras.

            The cheapest Apple will compare well to a similar Dell for example, but when you add in more RAM, or extra hard drive, the price goes exponentialy up. Apple is good and managing perceptions, but at the end of the day someone has to pay for their huge advertising budget. That someone is you.

          • Wow. Is that typical of all Mac users?

            [i]Personally, I suspect a lot of it has to do with the fact that Mac users can get a girl up to their apartment to look at their new computer.[/i]

            Personally, I suspect a lot of it has to do with the fact that PC users can get a girl up to their apartment to do more exciting, and fun things, then look at their computer.

            But that is just a personal preference :)
          • nope to your nope

            this may have been the case at some time in the past but it no longer is - I will admit it is difficult to do a spec to spec comparison because some things on the Mac are unique(the solid alum case for example, and the mag safe connector)
          • Girl in your apartmet

            If you are bringing a girl into your apartment just to look at your computer and think that is gonna get you far you are more hopeless than than I thought. But you do touch on an important part, Macs are all about eye candy or should I say iCandy. Smart People choose a computer for what it can do functionality wise that the truth is a Windows PC can do more, run more software, and do it all with a cheaper price tag. If you want you can get or build yourself a "flashy" windows PC but you have to take what Apple gives you from their overpriced limited choices.
          • iAgree

          • iCandy?

            Am I the last guy left who enjoys fixing up older machines to make
            useful again?
            As for the iCandy remark, I'll admit that Apple makes some good
            machines, but pointing to my own situation this one more time, my
            laptop (which is also my main workhorse computer) looks like
            hell, and yet I still use it for everything, because it works and doesn't
            And yes, I do have a windows computer- and it is pretty flashy, it runs
            so it works with everything (it's main purpose in life is to host my
            MagicJack) and I still like my spanked laptop better.
            As for girls, I have no problem there, and I don't feel compelled to talk
            about computers at all to them! ;) When you've got it, you've got it,
            flashy computer or no...
          • If you think the computer you own ...

            .. is what impresses a girl you are the one that is either ignorant or dishonest. Typical Apple fanboy behavior. You believe possesions are what maekes a person cool. Silly boy!

            If you are a PC you can become President. I don't think he'll have a problem getting a girl!
        • People who buy expensive PCs...

          ...have an option to buy a cheap PC but opt for an expensive one because they need it for some reason. For the most part Mac users do not have any needs that $500 laptop would not cover.
        • Care to cite a link?

          I've seen $1800 PCs - with a single quad core CPU, high end nvidia card, 4 GB of RAM...

          The closest comparable Mac is a Macbook pro with quad core Xeon (no difference except the name according to some techs), 2GB RAM, and a puny entry level ATi video card. And that's for $2100. And an OS built from open source.

          Macs are, let's face it, grossly overpriced.

          Heck, so-called environmentalist Al Gore would hate me for buying a low end Mac and stripping my current PC of its gear (16GB RAM, Q9650 CPU, high end nvidia card) to save on precious resources and the CO2 used in making them, blah blah blah - he's on Apple's board yet the OS, despite being used on common PC hardware, is so restrictive. It's a joke. Ditch my homebuilt PC (costing $1200) for something that's $2100 and yet mine still runs rings around it?

          If their dual quad-core PCs had 8GB of RAM and a real video card (not a puny ATi 2600XT for crying out loud!) and for the SAME PRICE ($2800) might my interest be piqued. Until then, which will likely be never, all Apple does is live off its name while Windows PCs get the same software, and more, and big names like Adobe keep holding back advanced Mac releases (no 64-bit CS4, oddly) and products like Premiere scrapped entirely.

          Given some of Microsoft's business practices, I'm tempted to change. But reality is a factor too. Apple is not run by saints. In some ways, they're worse than Microsoft.
        • Another great point about PC's

          they come in all sizes and price points. People who need a certain kind of PC can get what they need because of an endless variety.