Pico projector phones by the end of this year?

Pico projector phones by the end of this year?

Summary: Let's face it. Phones today have everything. You can watch full-length movies in better quality than you can on your four-year-old laptop with some phones.

TOPICS: Hardware, Mobility

Let's face it. Phones today have everything. You can watch full-length movies in better quality than you can on your four-year-old laptop with some phones. So, what's next? What new feature can be added to mobile phones that hasn't already been done? According to an article today from DigiTimes, the next step looks like micro projectors.

The concept of a micro projector, or pico projector as they're often called, is nothing new. Actually putting them inside of mobile phones, however, is a growing topic. According to DigiTimes, Foxlink, whose parent company Foxconn builds Apple's iPhone, has begun manufacturing tiny projectors and is working with a European handset client to get those projectors into products as early as the end of the year.

DigiTimes' source is unconfirmed, so these are purely rumors right now -- but plausible rumors at that. According to DigiTimes, international brand vendors, including Nokia, Samsung, and Apple, all plan to launch handsets with bullit-in micro projectors in time for the holiday season.

This isn't the first we've heard of mobile phones being offered with projectors. The Samsung i7410 (pictured above) is already shipping over seas, and offers a top-mounted built-in projector. If you're tired of watching movies on your tiny 2-to-3-inch smartphone screen, then the idea of a built-in projector might tickle your fancy. Granted, you couldn't watch anything on the train or in most public places, since the picture requires low light to be sharp, but it could be useful at home. And, of course, being able to run presentations at the office directly from your phone would be nice as well.

There are endless possibilities with what you could do with a projector built right into your phone. If this projector thing really gets big, middle school kids everywhere will be be displaying things on the backs of innocent kids' shirts, making old-fashioned "Kick Me" signs obsolete.

[Via The Register]

Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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  • Good for casual reading

    I picture myself lying in bed and projecting the pages of an ebook on the ceiling.
  • Display technology is there, but not the power

    The prototype I saw had to be plugged in to project, otherwise it would drain the battery in a few minutes. The other issue is stability, since a handheld device subject to shaking and fatigue makes for a poor display image. It works good to throw a quick image up of your grandkids or last week's production graph so that people can see it and discuss, or maybe read a few web pages of a news article, but that's about it.

    As an IT road warrior, what I'm still waiting for is the LED-based micro-projector that I can carry with my netbook and do presentations and collaboration sessions with less than 3 pounds of equipment total that all fits in a cubic space the size of a hardback novel. That's the holy grail for me. If the projector had some kind of wireless that could connect to both my phone and netbook, then all the sweeter.
    terry flores
    • No need to wait

      The device you are looking for already exists.
      You should look at any of the following:




      • long urls

        have you tried tiny url for these long urls? they would come up much smaller and easier to use.
        A Micro projector would be nice, I have seen the ads on TV for a parent using one in an airport to keep th ekids occupied. In a phone you would have it with you when you wanted it.
      • RE: Pico projector phones by the end of this year?

        @DeusExMachina try shortening URLs, & btw they are non-clickable. Anyhow,

        the battery is problem for the portability/mobility of such high end devices. Why not they integrate the projector with latest laptops.
        You might wanna read this article http://bit.ly/cNMa9B

        I would really wish to have this in my next laptop
  • Power to drive the image depends on the source

    Microvision Inc. has been developing a resonate scanner and laser based projector for some time now. Resonating scanners use very little power and laser give the best luminous intensity per mW of electrical power available.

    Note I said luminous intensity instead of "brightness." Luminous intensity of the source is very important for scanner systems. Luminous emittance (what some people call "brightness") is important for screen emitters like OLEDs or DLP devices. But these types of sources are much less optically efficient because the projection optics can only capture a portion of the luminous flux from each pixel to relay (re-image) that pixel to external screen.

    In any event, the total luminous flux out of the projector ultimately determines the contrast of the projected image compared to ambient light and all of these approaches will require small projected images and fairly low light levels to be useful.

    I believe that Microvision's biggest challenge has been to find efficient and high life time blue laser sources for their Pico Projector device.

    see http://www.microvision.com/pico_projector_displays/
  • In laptops or monitor replacement for desktops?

    That would become interesting to me. Especially if they started manufacturing slide projection screens that were of high enough resolution.
  • RE: Pico projector phones by the end of this year?

    Very interesting animated demo of what Microvision call an accessory pico projector, (the 'Microvision SHOW WX') which they claime is capable of displaying up to 100 inch image and battery life enough to watch a whole movie, and it weighs 122 grams (4.3 ounces)... also the bit about laser light always being in focus even on curved or angled surfaces is intriguing... see http://www.microvision.com/showwx/experience.html
    • Pico

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  • RE: Pico projector phones by the end of this year?

    Microvision of Redmond, Washington has been on
    the verge of releasing their pocket laser
    projector for quite awhile now and I see some
    of the enthusiasm starting to wain (reminds me
    of an certain airliner plagued by delays)
    though the potential is HUGE ! How HUGE you
    ask ? Huge enough to turn the bulk of laptop
    usage into recent memories. Imagine ! watching
    a 100 inch diagonal movie on your bedroom
    ceiling from a pocket sized projector! My
    understanding is that color saturation is
    improved with lasers and that they are always
    in focus. The conventional 3 to 4 inch screen
    will remain for perusing our bank accounts and
    the like, lest we provide our neighbors and/or
    co- workers with unintended humor. The bulk of
    usage however, will be wall projections.
    I have to echo what another contributor said
    about some hapless student having all manner of
    embarrassments projected onto his or her back
    in school. There are always some negatives
    which come with the territory.
    Sales people will note that "The Perfect Storm"
    with regard to available business software for
    them, is brewing in the Apple iPhone. Apple
    ALREADY HAS apps (no , apps doesn't stand for
    apples !) which lend themselves to rounding out
    the sales function. One of these apps is a
    credit card processor. UNBELIEVABLE, yet
    already here.
    Battery technology has recently taken a leap
    forward on an order of magnitude though they
    don't seem to be ready for production quite
    yet. It all helps though, as it comes online to
    build a future which is really right on the
    edge of belief as all these ingredients are
    added to smart phones in the near future.
    Having watched a good deal of the space program
    become "ho hum" due to routine operation, let
    us not do the same as new apps appear. After
    all, the best is yet to come.
    Folks, we're talking paradigm shift here.
    Save this article for reference five years
    hence. Then look back and be amazed at the
    change !
  • RE: Pico projector phones by the end of this year?

    What i'm seeing is not a projector phone but a full computer in a phone with the screen size and laser keyboards all ready done now with the new micro tech and vortex magnetic storage how small can a computer become lol
    • are you referring to Mobile phones Unleashed at pixzr

      are you referring to the post 'Mobile phones Unleashed'. The above message reminds me the similar entry I read more than a month ago at blog of pixzr.com
      the dual projectors are the future..believe it or not.