Pink Nintendo 3DS bundle coming Dec. 4

Pink Nintendo 3DS bundle coming Dec. 4

Summary: This $169.99 bundle with nintendogs + cats is unabashedly aimed at girl gamers but will they bite?


Now that Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimes has confirmed to Time Magazine that, "In sales through this past Saturday [November 26] - 8 months - [the 3DS] has outsold the full 12 months of the original DS," the company is wasting no time to win over more female fans to further boost sales before the end of 2011.

That's no doubt the reason behind the blatant product placement of the 3DS in Justin Bieber's holiday music video released yesterday, and the launch of two uber girly pink 3DS bundles featuring nintendogs + cats this Sunday, December 4.

Priced at just $169.99, this bundle costs the same as a standalone 3DS but includes a game that normally retails for $40 (it's $20 in some places) -- it's quite a steal. You even get a choice of either the Toy Poodle or the French Bulldog edition, which determines the breed of dog that you start the game with. (This may matter to your recipient so you should probably find out if there is a preference for a particular type of dog before purchasing.)

It's unfortunate that this bundle was not available during Black Friday, as I'm sure some of you bought the system and game separately but would much prefer this box set. Pink may not be my color, but I've played nintendogs + cats and found it fun even if it's not drastically different from the original DS version. You just need a love of dogs and cats to enjoy this starter game, and a high tolerance for pink to handle this 3DS.

[Source: BusinessWire]


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  • RE: Pink Nintendo 3DS bundle coming Dec. 4

    My 7 year old and 4 year old daughters LOVE my 3DS... which is now effectively their 3DS. So will female gamers bite? Yeah man, they'll bite like a rottweiler on a ham bone!
  • RE: Pink Nintendo 3DS bundle coming Dec. 4

    That's a pretty good deal... same price as a regular 3ds but you get nintendogs to boot. But did it have to be pink?
    awkward hug
  • This is awesome!

    Just bought my daughter the red one for her bday on December 15th but I think I'll be taking that back and getting this instead. This makes me very happy. Be good to have this game to go with Skylander's Adventure.
  • Where? Where? Where?

    I've already called my local Toys R' Us store to see if they will be getting it in stock, but even <i>they</i> don't know! Will this new pink passion of mine be released in all 50 states?