Pogoplug's Series 4 offers personal cloud storage for $99

Pogoplug's Series 4 offers personal cloud storage for $99

Summary: The latest device from Pogoplug connects the home network and the cloud for $99.

TOPICS: Networking, Amazon

Pogoplug announced today the Series 4, the fourth generation of its Pogoplug line. Designed as an extension of Pogoplug's recently-announced PogoPlug Cloud, the Series 4 bridges the gap between two storage options -- the physical and the cloud-based.

Offering a pair of USB 3.0 slots, an SD card slot, and a SATA port for plugging in 2.5-inch hard drives, the Series 4 allows users to connect a variety of storage options to a single device. The drives are then connected to a home network via the Series 4's ethernet connection. Pogoplug says the idea is to create a "personal cloud" that is tied to a physical device whose contents users can access anywhere.

At $99, the Series 4 is a bit pricer than the Pogoplug Classic and Pogoplug Mobile, which are priced at $49 and $79, respectively.

Topics: Networking, Amazon

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  • RE: Pogoplug's Series 4 offers personal cloud storage for $99

    The issue with PogoPlug is that if you don't have internet connection, you cannot access it, even if it is on your desk. TonidoPlug (www.tonidoplug.com) probably be a right choice if you truly want a personal cloud.
  • Symform

    I prefer symform: the first 100GB is free (already), the unlimited option is cheap (far cheaper than AMAZON or DROPBOX) and almost everything is in your own control.
  • Perfect!

    Awesome post. Here???s a tool that lets you build your cloud database apps without coding http://www.caspio.com/