Rumor: 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook landing this Fall

Rumor: 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook landing this Fall

Summary: Less than a month after the release of RIM's PlayBook, rumors have emerged that the company is already working on a larger version of the tablet.


RIM released the PlayBook in April, but that isn't stopping the company from already preparing a follow up to the device.

Speaking to BGR, sources say that a new version of the tablet will arrive later this year. RIM's new device, however, won't replace its 7-inch predecessor. Instead, RIM will offer the larger PlayBook as an alternative to its diminutive cousin.  We've seen this pattern before with Samsung's Galaxy Tab,  which comes in 7, 8.9 and 10.1-inch varieties.

The move makes sense for RIM. Size comparisons between the PlayBook and iPad usually note that, while the PlayBook's size makes it more portable than the iPad, the device's small screen makes watching videos for extended periods difficult. A larger tablet would effectively solve that problem.

Let's just hope that RIM ships a completed product this time around.

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  • RE: Rumor: 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook landing this Fall

    The 7 inch format was a deal breaker for me, otherwise I'd had bought it in a heart bit. The tab market is clearly divided between productivity and portability, a factor that many people seem to overlook when making comparisons among current devices. Good move on RIM's part on releasing a larger device, however I won't be waiting around for it because I have a great need for a tablet PC; and since I'm not an apple-head I'll be getting a Samsung Tab 10.1 on June 8th.
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