Rumored iPad 2 cases reveal possible Mini DisplayPort spot

Rumored iPad 2 cases reveal possible Mini DisplayPort spot

Summary: As if there hasn't been enough discussion about the iPad 2 in the last few days, weeks and months, now we have leaked images and rumors about the cases. Could Apple's next-gen tablet sport a Mini DisplayPort slot?


As if there hasn't been enough discussion about the iPad 2 in the last few days, weeks and months, now we have leaked images and rumors about the cases. Could Apple's next-gen tablet sport a Mini DisplayPort slot?

According to Apple Insider, "a Chinese accessory supplier is floating" around a flexible silicon case dubbed as the "iPad 2nd generation" case. This new case sports a few usual open spots for familiar ports like the 30-pin connector and a headphone jack.

But there are several more open spots, which are predicted to be for a camera (inevitable), an SD card (likely) and a mini DisplayPort (wait, what?). Unfortunately, it looks like HDMI and USB were left out of the party on this generation, but there's only so much space around the edges of this 9.7-inch tablet. (If it's still going to be a 9.7-inch tablet...)

Considering other Mac computers and displays already sport mini DisplayPort connectivity, this could be very likely. But then again, we can't be sure until Apple confirms it.

[Image via Apple Insider]

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  • mini display port

    in case anyone here would like to read an actual blog post with some information, head over to they know what it means, other than our clueless rachel here. wait, what?<br><br>"Apple's mini DisplayPort connectors function as 'dual mode' ports supporting HDMI output, so the inclusion of a mini DisplayPort on iPad 2 would enable both output to HDTVs via HDMI as well as, potentially, connection to a full resolution monitor such as Apple's 27" LED Cinema Display. A third potential advantage to using mini DisplayPort is that the standard supports video input, as Apple has implemented on the 27-inch iMac. If supported, this would enable iPad 2 to be used as a very high resolution external display by any Mac with mini DisplayPort output."
    banned from zdnet
    • MDP...

      Rachel, you really need to read up on the capabilities of this port. Here's a quick run-down:

      - Supports ultra high-res displays
      - Supports daisy-chaining up to 4 displays on a single port
      - Backwards compatible with HDMI, DVI, and VGA, (DVI-DL and VGA through active converters, HDMI and DVI through either active or passive converters) including support for HDMI audio (up to uncompressed 192khz/24-bit X 8 channels, compressed formats can be encapsulated)
      - Allows all-in-one computers (desktop or portable) to be used as displays for other devices

      Look it up on Wikipedia sometime; you'll then understand that MDP isn't a disappointment, but rather a huge step up over the competition, since an HDMI output is limited in comparison to DisplayPort.
  • Dumb-ass decision

    As a largely consumer item, the lack of HDMI is an absolutley dumb-ass move.....

    Whoa?? Display Port to HDMI Adapers you say : Yes, :-)
  • RE: Rumored iPad 2 cases reveal possible Mini DisplayPort spot

    IPad 2 driving anything past 1080p, video-wise will chugg along - even with a speculatibf Dual Core ARM A5 processor.

    ... and to be honest past 1080p, next to no-one has, or really even cares about at present.

    You are missing the point, Apple will whore off the back of current media insanity and be delivering an iPad 2-3D :-)

    ..which like the DSi-3D, will be glasses free perhaps?

    The studio's will be wetting themselves............
  • looking forward

    No matter what iPad 2 will be like, but we can sure that it will be better than the first generation, we have to do is waiting and waiting for its final appearance! More info about iPad:
  • Rumors......

    This 'rumored' case could be for anything. Could be for the Xoom tablet by motorola. No one knows. I guess rumors are fun to talk about. The internet brings out the 60 year old great aunt in everyone.
  • Don't Buy iPad Until It's a Computer!

    It is amazing how naive people are. Apple is pulling one over on you all. This iPad is NOT a computer. You can't put regular programs on it, only "apps" that they sell. If this thing was like a regualr macbook laptop, you could install all kinds of programs on it, use the file system, make folders, use any 3rd party programs, etc.. Apple needed to make the iPad a macbook without a keyboard, with the touchscreen. Simple huh? But, no, Apple wanted to dumb down the laptop, and limit everything you can't do on it. The iPad has enormous potential, if Apple would just make it a touchscreen macbook! Right now the iPad is a worthless supersize iPhone, nothing more. They won't even put an ethernet or usb port on it? That's just plain nonsense. How are you supposed to use an external hard drive to store files? How are you supposed to install programs? Oh, that's right, you can't! I'm a huge Apple fan, but they really hosed us on this one. I can't wait until the market comes out with a real touchpad COMPUTER! This section of the market left open by Apple is a monumental mistake, and will be taken advantage of quickly.
  • RE: Rumored iPad 2 cases reveal possible Mini DisplayPort spot

    Also, there were rumors that Apple is readying a "world iPad," implying that it will run on both GSM and CDMA networks. Incidentally, Verizon, one of the iPad's carriers in U.S., uses CDMA technology.
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