Samsung announces tiny, budget-minded Galaxy Pocket

Samsung announces tiny, budget-minded Galaxy Pocket

Summary: Smartphone owners looking for downgrade in the size department now have their chance with the Galaxy Pocket.

TOPICS: Telcos, Samsung

As great as Samsung's extensive line of Galaxy phones is, some of the devices are a bit on the large side, and some others - well, they're a bit expensive.

So it's a welcome sight to see that Samsung is offering cheaper, more pocket-friendly versions of its phones, starting now with the Galaxy Pocket.

Available in the U.K. later this year for an undisclosed sum, the appropriately-named Galaxy Pocket gets its title from its 2.8-inch screen and tiny frame.

Of course, with that size, we shouldn't expect the most powerful of devices. The Galaxy Pocket runs on a 800MHz processor, offers Android 2.3, and comes with 3GB of upgradable storage.

The device should probably remind you of HP's Veer, a similarly diminutive smartphone that, sadly, failed to attract much of an audience (much like, you might say, the rest of HP's webOS devices). Let's just hope Samsung's device fares better. There is clearly a niche for smaller, cheaper devices, after all.

Topics: Telcos, Samsung

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  • Finally, I can retire my Palm Z31.

    Just the size I want.

  • Huh?

    "There is clearly a niche for smaller, cheaper devices, after all."?

    Really? Other than a few random blogger posts I haven't seen any indication, Forester, Gartner, etc., that there is a big market for a smartphone that's not big enough to be a "smartphone".

    Just because something has Android (2.3 at that) constrained in a 2" box doesn't make it a smart choice. Anyone that wants a small phone already has MANY choices many of which are just as capable as this crippled Android phone. Anyone who has been lusting for a small smartphone thinking they're getting the experience they've envied for so long is going to be VERY disappointed indeed.

    Let's talk in 6 months...these will be history.
  • typo haven

    it will be a nightmare for users to type on the android keyboard with this small screen .. not to mention the constant squinting of the eyes to read anything on the screen..
  • best for developing countries

    perfect for developing countries where price is a major concern and phones have to be bought outright.
  • Galaxy Mini

    It would be interesting to compare the specs and price, if it was available, to this other Samsung smartphone. The Mini looks to me to be an already attractive pkge for the dollars asked.
  • it would be nice for asian people

    it would be nice for asian people with smaller fingers :D

    i don't find it's hard to type on my Galaxy Y
  • Late to the party

    The problem with phones like these are that you get what you pay for and suffer. Slow processor, along with 2.3 while Google Android latest release is 4.0 [i][/i]

    You would need a faster CPU to run the latest OS.

    The phone will be slow and a frustrating experience. I would say better to save your pennies over a couple of months a get yourself a phone that will not frustrate.

    Don' be a passive consumer, be a saver and a thinker.