Samsung Facebook post: March 15th for Galaxy S II Android 4.0 release

Samsung Facebook post: March 15th for Galaxy S II Android 4.0 release

Summary: Samsung's Android 4.0 update for the Galaxy S II may appear before the end of the month.


With Samsung's Galaxy Nexus spearheading the Ice Cream Sandwich march, Galaxy S II owners have good right to feel a bit impatient with the absence of the upgrade on their own devices.

But on March 15th, that wait may come to end, at least according to Samsung's Israeli Facebook page. Written in Hebrew, the post was translated into English by an Engadget reader:

"We promised that we are working about that. You have waited patiently. And it's coming in March 15th: Android version 4, ICS, for tens of thousands of the Galaxy S2 owners that purchased it from the cellular company in Israel or directly from us. We are very excited in here towards the launch, hope that you too :)"

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the message has since been removed.

Direct confirmation or not, the post does give a pretty good indication that the update is at least coming soon. When a leaked version of the update appeared last month, an imminent release seemed certain. But then -- nothing. The wait continues.

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  • I believe the rumors

    As an S2 user running one of the leaked beta builds (XXLPH), I can believe that the final build is really close; the beta already runs great on my device without any major issues.
    • As do I....

      I'm also running XXLPH, after trying some of the earlier builds, and it is pretty stable, very few issues indeed, fast (an occasional lag pressing the 'home' button perhaps), and good on battery life. Hopefully we early adopters will be able to transition cleanly to the release ROM level.
  • Great! But...

    What version are you guys running in your S2? In running 2.3.6 right now... and it is updated.