Samsung teases Galaxy S III unveiling with May 3 press event invite

Samsung teases Galaxy S III unveiling with May 3 press event invite

Summary: After a long, long wait, Samsung may be finally nearing the announcement of the Galaxy S III.

TOPICS: Samsung

If an invite sent out to news outlets on Monday is any indication, Samsung may be close to announcing the Galaxy S III. Scheduled for May 3rd, the event is set to take place in London.

The location, of course, is no accident. As AllThingsD points out, Samsung is a major partner for the 2012 Summer Olympics, which are calling London their home.

The invitation, which features the text "Come and Meet the Next Galaxy" amidst three (!) splotches of ink is pretty small on the details, which is pretty much the only form in which these things get sent out anymore.

Whichever form Samsung's next Galaxy device will take, it's sure to be top of the line. An HD screen, a LTE radio, and a quad-core processor seem like pretty good bets.

Either way, we will know in a little over two weeks.

Topic: Samsung

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  • Countdown Clock Commencing

    I have an open upgrade on my second phone and have been waiting to see what the next level of high end smartphones will look like.
    HTC rolled out a nice One.
    Nokia forgot to roll out a high end smartphone.
    Now I'll see what Samsung is bringing on the 3rd.

    Then I'll buy.... Unless of course we see another model :D

    btw I am on AT&T so the newly discovered RAZR HD is not on my list.... Yet.
    • After half year lag, Samsung might finally catch up with iPhone 4S

      ... in graphic performance and true screen resolution (honest RGB matrix).

      If Samsung will be bold enough, they can even match Apple's unique 5-lens optics for SG3 camera. However, it is doubtful; most probably, they will use typical 4-lens variant that does not provide details nears the edges.

      Anyway, finally there will be more significant competition.
      • Forgetting something?

        Yes, technically the Pentile displays have less *sub*pixels, but seriously, I can't really tell on my Captivate unless I look. Samsung's screens just look so much better than anything I've ever seen.

        Camera: Can't comment, don't care.

        Graphics: Both phones do well, I'm guessing, and you can't really compare, imo because of how different they are.
  • Excited!

    I am using a Captivate which is now starting to show signs of old age. Very excited to see what they have, I couldn't use any other phone than a Samsung...
  • excited too

    Hope it is reflective of the handset shown at CES when demo'ing the remote viewfinder of their new camera. It had very minimal bezel at the sides and looked quite special.
    I love samsung products. My pride and joy is the 55d8000. Only wish I could afford their new oled tv coming this year.