Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

Summary: Reports are surfacing that Apple and AT&T are randomly canceling iPhone 4 pre-orders placed last week.


It's no secret that Apple, AT&T and anyone else who were offering pre-orders for the iPhone 4 last week suffered from site malfunctions, extended downtime and other problems.

But now it looks like even some of the customers who managed to get through the traffic and pre-order the fourth-gen iPhone online weren't actually successful as reports are surfacing of randomly canceled orders.

Several tech sites are reporting canceled orders on the part of either AT&T and Apple for a variety of reasons, including unverifiable information, an incomplete authorization process, or sometimes no reason at all.  We haven't seen notes like this from Best Buy yet, but let us know if that happens to you. In these cases, credit cards shouldn't be charged. But still, talk about completely frustrating.

If you pre-order an iPhone 4 and aren't so sure about your order status now, check your receipts and call the customer service number of the company you ordered it with just to be sure. And if you haven't ordered one yet but want one soon (instead of waiting for weeks to get one in the mail), maybe it would be best just to clear your schedule and camp out at your local Apple or AT&T store next weekend.

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  • business is too good

    Business is so good that they have to cancel orders. I guess they really don't want these customers.
    • Apple/ATT business model allows this

      They tell their customers what they should have and shouldn't. Their customers love it that way, its the Apple ATT experience!
    • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

      Sounds more like the data replication/fix from their continuity plan with server meltdowns is having an issue.
      Wonder what other faux paus they are going to treat us with ?
      • retina displays failure rate is 500% higher then normal

        @zenwalker <br>This time the problem isnt with at&t<br>manufacturing of retina displays is having failure rate of 500% above normal therefore only half the displays can be made.
        retina displays manufacturring problem explained
        * displays r manf on wafers. each wafer has fixed number of displays.
        * normally the failure rate is less then 10%
        * retina display failure rate is 55%
        * root cause of the problem is in the design.
        * it is normal to have problems on the first run.
        * it can be fixed by analysing the problem in the lab. and pin point the spots.
        * new design and new masks need to be made.
        *displays need to remanufactured
        * it should take 4 months to fix
      • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

        @snoonw<br>I agree with you and also see the pipeline issue with the screens.<br>This however does not explain the issue with the "cancaled" orders from both the Apple and ATT side. That is strictly a data problem casued or compounded by the server and congestion issues on both sides.<br>What I find really interesting is the lack "so far" of issues from Best Buy orders.
    • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

      @mstrsfty steve jobs even tells you how to hold the phone:
  • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

    I am one of the affected confirmed-then-cancelled pre-orders. It is very frustrating after spending hours and hours earlier this week trying to place my order, to see a vague cancellation notice days later.

    I've been on the phone with reps all morning now, and both AT&T and Apple are playing the blame game. Now it seemingly boils down to random chance. Unfortunately they picked the wrong gal to cancel -- I've been saving to buy a 2 Macbook Pros soon. But not anymore I won't!
    • But... but... but... Apple sells the whole enchilada!!

      [i]both AT&T and Apple are playing the blame game[/i]

      We are told time and time again that Apple doesn't play the blame game, they take responsibility for everything because they, and I quote the Apple zealots: [i]sell the whole enchilada[/i]. Huh. I guess those Apple zealots were lying.

      Cue the double standards...
  • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

    I am another affected. Ordered Tuesday at 6:30 EDT received confirmations a few minutes later for my 3 iPhones. Saturday evening received cancellation notice in my email. This what the email says:<br><br>"Dear Customer,<br><br>We were unable to complete the authorization process for your iPhone<br>order. As a result, we had to cancel your iPhone order. To complete the<br>purchase of your iPhone, please visit an Apple Retail Store or an AT&T<br>company-owned retail store.<br><br>To locate an Apple Retail Store near you, please visit<br><>.<br><br>We apologize for this inconvenience.<br><br>Sincerely,<br>Apple Online Store Team"<br><br>I called Apple first since I ordered them through Apples website. They told me it was AT&T fault and told me to call them. So I called AT&T, Guess what AT&T said? It is Apples fault. Imagine that.<br><br>Thanks Apple/AT&T for such a wonderful experience!
    • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

      @damato300 I wonder if your order cancellation had something to do with them limiting 1 per customer as I have read a few places.
      • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

        @mjr5.0 I thought that as well. But no where does it say on AT&T website or Apples website that there is only one per customer for pre-orders. I have 3 iPhones that we have been eligible for upgrade and patiently waiting the release. Now the release is here and we are going to have to wait again. I have been a loyal AT&T customer for 14 years now, and an iPhone customer since initial launch in 2007. It is real hard to deal with such poor customer service from 2 companies I have spent alot of money on.
    • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

      @damato300 I did find this on Apple's web site.

      "How do I buy multiple iPhones?

      Pick up your first iPhone at an Apple Retail Store and an Apple Retail associate can help you purchase additional iPhones."
  • Canceled? Who knows....

    I received an email from AT&T saying that my order was canceled and that my credit card was not charged. It suggested I go to the store I ordered the phone from for more information. AT&T Wireless's website also stated that my order was canceled when I looked up the order number. So I went to the store to get more information. They looked it up and said that my order was not canceled. Seems I won't know if it was really canceled until they either do or do not deliver the phone. This makes me wonder if I am making the right choice switching from Verizon.
  • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

    This is the way business should be. They should only make what they are capable of making regardless of what the reality may turn out to be. Far too long, we over serve the public appetite only to overproduce to the point of waste as well as endangering the company to financially overextend itself to the point where it may collapse because the public has changed its mind. I would rather Apple piss off some journalists but survive serving within its financial and manufacturing means.
    • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

      Great point, though I think Apple is one of the very few companies that never seems to have that problem. It only takes a shortage of a single component to jam things up, in this case, it's the new Retina Displays. You can bet a lot of companies had Apple's woes. I can't get over peoples impatience, will waiting a month more really be that terrible. Everyone new demand was going to be extremely high and should have anticipated these problems. It happened with the 3G, 3GS and the iPad. Even with the power of the Chinese Industrial Machine, they can only make so many. Don't forget, they're building these things to Apple's quality specifications, so I'm sure they can't run their assembly lines as quickly as they would for something like an Android phone. Quality is pretty crappy on those things.
      • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

        @gtdworak <br>its manufacturing problem. The retina displays r failing at 500% higher then normal. it will take till nov b4 they fix this
      • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

        @gtdworak I have had zero problems with my Android phone and I have dropped it more times than I can count and remember. Try seeing how long you iphone lasts after a few drops from 3 feet on to something other than carpet.
  • RE: Some iPhone 4 orders being canceled by Apple, AT&T

    I am affected and miffed and frankly I'm switching to the EVO on Sprint. It's a better phone, cheaper plan and better coverage. Adios AT&T.
  • apple

    Frankly, why anyone would offer themselves for abasement to these unappreciative apple hucksters is beyond me. Brand up children, and choose products that work at fair prices and companies that appreciate your money.
    • What confuses me

      is the mad rush for a device most users are going to discard in two years.