Sony confirms plans to make all PlayStation Vita games downloadable

Sony confirms plans to make all PlayStation Vita games downloadable

Summary: Confirming previous (and decidedly vague) statements, Sony says that titles for the PlayStation Vita will be sold in both digital and physical forms.

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware

Is digital distribution the future of gaming? Sony seems to think so. The company has announced that games for its upcoming PlayStation Vita will be sold on the PlayStation Store alongside their physical counterparts.

The news, however, is more of a confirmation. Sony had been saying as early as March that it planned to offer digital versions of the Vita's titles. Still, its nice to know that the company is actually committing itself to the move.

Sony has been pretty busy with with announcements over the past few days. Yesterday, the company revealed the bizarre Wi-Fi-less PSP E-1000 as well as a $50 price-drop for the PlayStation 3 to $250.


Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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    • It's only good if they offer downloadablr games at a discount


      If you don't have a physical game, you can't rent from your local rental store, nor can you trade or resell a purchased game to someone else.

      Downloadable games cut you out of those opportunities. I especially like being able to rent a game from my local Blockbuster (which is still open, and hasn't been given any notice of a future closure - yet). I can rent a new tier-1 PS3 game for a week for about $10. That's 1/6 of the price of buying it, and I can usually complete most linear games in a few nights, or over a weekend. So for being able to experience and complete 6 games for the price of buying 1, I'm not looking forward to having to give up that option.
      • RE: Sony confirms plans to make all PlayStation Vita games downloadable

        @Joe_Raby You say that as if it's any different from buying a physical copy. It would actually make the gaming industry way more money if they went entirely to digital download, as it cuts out the resell and rental market, where game developers don't see a penny of the profit.

        The only problem I have with digital copies is when they're more expensive than buying it on Amazon and having it shipped to me.
      • RE: Sony confirms plans to make all PlayStation Vita games downloadable

        @Joe_Raby This is exactly the problem I have with "digital only" game distribution. They're taking away your rights as the purchaser and "owner" of the product, since you are no longer in ownership of anything; you're simply paying a license fee so that you have /permission/ to download and use the software. I often trade or sell my old games, and it's happened more than once that a title I thought would be great turned out to not be my cup of tea. That's a big "tough cookies" for folks who buy a digital version of a game they end up not liking. I still wish I could get a refund on my Steam purchase of L4D2...